Summering with Kids is Love

May 9, 2011 by

Spending an entire month of fun, learning and friendship with our kids in Sikat Academy is just truly, truly worth it. I used to think I could never work with kids because of my impatience. But in summer of 2009, when I took on the project with iSuccess Productions and ABS-CBN to handle the theater workshop of Sikat Academy, I was voted by the kids as their favorite teacher. It changed me forever. I never knew it was in me all along: the passion to teach children. It felt good each time I see the kids perform with gusto and hear their sweet ‘thank yous’ at the end of each class — it’s just extremely heart-warming you forget just how tired you are. Kids are faces of love, of how it is to be carefree, of how it is to live.

I cannot wait for next summer when I will be with kids again for another month of fun, learning and friendship. To the SIKAT ACADEMY Season 3 kids, CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done! Hope to see some of you next summer again!

In between classes, we actually rumble.

Our kids in costume during the Grand Finale that took place last Saturday at Robinsons Place Iloilo

the cuteness continues

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