My advise to students who think they’re all that.

Jul 27, 2011 by

While I am not the type who would flunk you in class entirely because of your unpleasant attitude, I do notice arrogance and think it bad. An arrogant student needs to be whipped. And I carry with me my lash at all times.

I have met all sorts of weirdos in my 10 years of teaching. I have met students who are clearly drug addicts (I am going to miss Amy Winehouse). I’ve had students who do not wear underwear in class and flash themselves to me while in the middle of my lecture. I have met suicidal ones, knocked up ones, abusive ones, and those who are capable of threatening their professors.

It’s a complete line-up of Alcatraz-worthy individuals I thought I’d make for a good jail warden.

Of course more than all these creeps, I have met extremely wonderful students. Students who are living signs of hope, of changing the world and of divine importance to humanity.

What do I do with the problematic ones bordering on being the next criminals of the society? I don’t have a template reaction. I react according to my instincts because really, I am still dealing with real people whose ideals drive them into frenzy — think 16 year olds and 18 year olds who are obsessed with their identities and are confused at the same time. They’re like walking dysfunctional machines.

And since there seems to be a growing number of kids at school who think they’re all that, I’m putting on my battle gear and turn the volume up for them to hear me loud and clear:

Boys and girls, are you really THAT sure about what you’re doing?

Get drunk.

Beat this. (from

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