Still on the Issue of Tourism in Iloilo: This Time it’s What People Think.

Feb 16, 2012 by

What prompted me to ask the question on why Iloilo Tourism is weak was after seeing an interview on TV with our Regional Tourism office (a good friend of mine) and how she so badly needs everyone’s help in pushing forward the programs of their department here in the city. I asked people around, in my attempt to get a consensus of ideas because maybe there are things regarding this issue that the Tourism office is not seeing.


And most of all, I think they really should listen to us. This blog is written not to put down Iloilo but to make it a so much better city that is wonderful in most aspects if not all. We’re a wonderful bunch of people. We just need to put our acts together and shine anew.

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  1. grace

    this would be a good topic for my research… thanx!

    • admin

      Yes, I hope you pursue on this topic. Should be a wake up call for everyone. Thanks and keep us posted about the results of your research.

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