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Apr 12, 2011 by

Sociologists say that a true affirmation of a city’s financial success is if it has Starbucks. Starbucks is one of America’s greatest contribution to humanity (founding branch is in Seattle Washington). It has changed the way we consider coffee-drinking, from plain ritualistic early morning wake-upper to a more solid lifestyle and status. Some kids in Manila would even prioritize having coffee so they could sit around and ogle at people over a more serious meal consisting of rice and viand. And I’m not saying this as a bad thing. In fact it seems cool.

Starbucks finally comes to Iloilo City. Who would have thought, right? With this new addition to the existing coffee shops in Iloilo (Coffeebreak, Kopiroti, Figaro, Bo’s Coffee, Book Latte), it’s interesting to observe how the Ilonggos would be able to sustain their Starbucks craving versus the cost it entails. Not to rub the obvious, Starbucks is doubly expensive than most cafes based in Iloilo. In addition, Ilonggos are very prudent spenders. (In fact, the Ilonggo spending habit is in my line-up of writing projects for MyIloilo.Net, so watch out for that.) I wonder how long they are willing to spend more or less 300 bucks for coffee and pastries. But in the meantime, I am glad that the Ilonggos are given the chance to enjoy Starbucks within our own backyard.

Starbucks at Southpoint SM City Iloilo


  1. Felix IV

    your new hangout! hehe

  2. mabeck

    Ma save ko anay sweldo. Starbucks, here i come… in May! hehe

  3. bobby

    Haha Not yet for now sweeps — coz a lot of first-timers are still in their first-day-high kind of thing. LOL. Will wait til the fever subsides. =))

  4. florad

    exactly! damu pa manul! haha

  5. RamirJM

    Highly anticipated eh. People have been waiting for it to open for months. But go there when it opens at 730am til 930am kay wala pa gid tawo. This and the opening of iCenter are the two best news for me this April. Congrats to myIloilo and to you Bob! Keep it up! HB’s proud of you!

    • bobby

      Thanks Mir! Glad you like the site. hehehe… Hope to see you coming back from time to time. =)

  6. RamirJM

    I always visit this site, Bob! Love reading the features. Keep them coming!

    • bobby

      Thanks much Mir! Coming from you, I am so honored. Thank you…. =))

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