Star Cinema (Tries) to Kill the Zomba

Sep 27, 2011 by

Repost: Stars vs. Zombies by Jessica Zafra @ Interaksyon Radyo You love the movies so you become a screenwriter. You write scripts for Star Cinema, the number one movie studio in the country. It’s an arduous process, like giving birth to a baby that is raised by total strangers so that when you see him again you barely recognize him. But you keep at it and you end up writing some of

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the biggest box-office hits of Star Cinema. Then you get together with other writers and start making your own movies outside the studio system. You scrape together the funds from grants and generous friends. You make the sort of movies you want to watch. One becomes a small hit, one not, but these babies are truly yours. You learn that finding the money to make your movies is a trip to purgatory, but putting them in theatres and getting people to watch them is a tour of the Nine Circles of Hell. Read full story here. Don’t get a heart attack.


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  1. yen

    ka baaaad sa ila ah! agree gd ko — TE MAN!

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