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May 21, 2011 by

Actually, no one really seems to care what I think about the RH Bill but since everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter, I might as well tell you about mine.

I support the Reproductive Health bill.

I have been reading the papers and watching the news for quite sometime now in hopes of gathering opinions, studies, discussions and arguments so I could weigh my options in making my ultimate stand. And so far, I take the pro-RH Bill side more beneficial to us, not only as Filipinos, but as civilized human beings.

This blog is not written to argue on points for persuasion because that’s the job of our lawmakers. I declare my belief but I do not intend to advocate. It is my right.

I just hope that both sides take the issue as intelligently as possible, and think of the greater good — not selfish motives. I hope the name-calling and nasty tactics do not go any further because we are no longer barbarians. Debate when debates are necessary but do not get too low you start forgetting about your education.

RH Bill is not designed to topple the existing set of moral practices but to equip our people (young and old alike) with the proper and right information about our reproductive health. Although we have existing sex education and reproductive health programs at school, they obviously don’t work. The one thing that convinced me most about my stance on being a pro-RH Bill is the opportunity for families to choose their own methods for planning with the government making available these choices and providing the people the right information.

I thank you.

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  1. Vicki villa

    Yeah! Congress should pass the RH bill now!!

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