Some Things Nice

Dec 22, 2011 by

1. Our HS Batch 96 from Central Philippine University just recently celebrated our 15 years since graduating from HS. It was a wonderful event that sent us back to time when we vandalized things, when we were sent out of our classrooms for misbehaving, when we skipped classes, when we fought one another and all other things that make high school life such a fun time. To CPUDHS batch 1996, cheers! See you again in 2013!

This may look like there’s so many of us, but really, this isn’t even half of our actual number yet. LOL


2. I haven’t been to FLOW SUPERCLUB for quite some time and thanks to my good friend (and former student) Pwek Kwong for nagging me to attend their event called FROSTBITE. I wrote an invitational blog prior to the event and was also one of the firsts to arrive at the venue (what time was it Pwek, 10 PM?). I was a bit worried if people would actually come because just minutes before I arrived, the rain was torrential (yes before you used the word torrent for downloading, it is intended to describe rain and other flowing stuff). Then in trickles, people came. Glittering, sparkling and dazzling. The interiors of Flow is timid but cutting-edge. It smelled good and I didn’t have a hard time breathing (unlike at MO2 Ice). The party turned out to be a huge success and it was extremely a sexy one; full of good vibes, jumping people, tubthumping, and grinding. I was glad to have come to the party because in a way, I have put my faith back in the possibility that young Ilonggos can actually come up with a decent party that doesn’t have to be pretentious and clanish. Kudos to BluQube! (For more photos of the party, visit their fanpage here: BluQube Facebook

My ‘accidental’ groupie at Frostbite: Actors KR, Jillian, Jeza and Stylist Aivan.

3. Random shopping out of the blue: Havaianas for Boracay New Year. Oh God, please don’t make me start blabbering about Boracay just yet.

That nice bag is really nice. =)




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