Snow White and the Huntsman: Not Your Regular Fairy Tale

Jun 4, 2012 by

Bongga. That pretty much describes the film in an overall manner. The seriousness of the plot, the actors, the production design, the scoring. It’s a serious movie, with serious intentions of making it a good one. And I’m impressed. The presence of Charlize Theron makes the film stay on a

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certain level of awesomeness because Charlize is awesome. Directed by Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the Huntsman hinges its basic premise from the classic Snow White and the Sevenm Dwarves. But Sanders defies your expectations because in some of the highlights and turning points, we are brought to a brand new imagery of the story that makes it feel FAMILIAR yet NEW. I love the elements included in this film and what qualifies me to say it? I did not fall asleep despite my anti-histamine. The film also stars Kristen Stewart who plays Snow White and who acts exactly the way she did with Bella in Twilight Series and still carries with her the weird charm of attracting all sorts of beasts. There’s Chris Hemsworth, playing the Huntsman as summoned by the queen to get Snow White in the dark forest, who never fails to remind us that he is Thor in almost everything but hey, who does not love his groans whenever he gets wounded? Someone please keep stashing him with bread knife. The groan is too sexy. Sam Claffin plays the childhood sweetheart of Snow White whose purpose is to distract the viewers at the part where Snow White gets a kiss and is revived from the dead. I love the way they make the mushiness look fabulous. If someone else did the same exact thing I’d probably hate it to the bones. Watch the film and enjoy the visuals of it. It is highly entertaining especially in 2D. Go.


  1. I would watch this because Charlize Theron plays the wicked queen. :D

    • admin

      You must, Max! She’s extreeeeeeeeeeeeemely wicked in this movie but you cannot afford to hate her because she’s extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely pretty! hahahaha!

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