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Mar 11, 2011 by

Reality TV, particularly these talents competition shows, is making me an utterly useless person. These shows run on TV round-the-clock, unmindful of whether it should be on primetime, or daytime. They just keep running. And heck am I hooked and liking it.

Because I am a highly opinionated guy, with self-confidence that can overthrow a dynasty, I often catch myself commenting more than the judges on American Idol do. Especially when those guys think that Ashton Jones is great because personally I think her singing is way too lame. I literally talk to myself when I don’t agree with the judges. The same is true with So You Think You Can Dance. I get pumped with what I see, and who do I get to share it with? No one. Just me and my derailed train of thoughts.

Then I realized there’s Twitter. Since Twitter is for people with ADHDs (come on, do you really think a 140-character status is enough for anyone to actually be considered hot? Or dumb?), I am certain I would top the bill. Most of my friends (who are doubly useless than I am) are beginning to grow algae on their seats because it’s what they do most of the day. Twitting. And it’s not even the pleasant kind of twitting we get in parks. It’s just plain twitting.

So I thought, hey, why not? At least when I want to express how bad JLo attempts to even be sweet, there’s twitter at my disposal. My thoughts are fast. Twitter is fast. But is my internet connection fast? I don’t know. I need to be enlightened. But first, let me babble about this odd circumstance once upon a time.

Someone in the neighbourhood recently installed a broadband connection with a wifi router. I wasn’t sure if they were trying to be kind, but they put up the router without a password. So I enjoyed the free ride for a while. Then like a complete moron, I felt like my rights to internet use is being suppressed. I felt like protesting. I found out that our neighbour was subscribing to a telecom that says anyone can reach the world. I wanted to stage a picket in front of my neighbor’s house with placards that say “CHANGE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION NOW!”

Of course, the thought was not even funny. I gave up on the free neighbourhood wifi and started scouting for my own personal broadband – a broadband that can deliver my desire to tweet and be heard by my friends all around the world.

Today, I chanced upon an advertisement while I was online at the mall. Just when I needed a broadband connection, SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 came flashing onscreen like an angel full of sparkling pixiedust (this is so damn gay). It also comes with a barrage of freebies upon subscription: an All-In-One HP Printer, free Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription and free 1 month broadband subscription.

I am already palpitating to find the nearest SMART Wireless Center because this promo is only from March 4 to June 4, 2011. This virtual advertising angel also promises consistent surf speed and stable signal for the broadband connection and I trust it. I do.

The ADHD in me is nagging me to rush now and leave you hanging because I WANT MY SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 NOW! But I had a chance to take a photo of my virtual Tinkerbell (an answer to my neighborhood protest, my spontaneous reactions to JLo, Randy and Steve of American Idol and my Tamala Train Scream with Mary Murphy of So You Think You Can Dance, and yes, my 140-character tweet). Take a look:

You want a SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband, don’t you? Now I need to get back to my dose of Reality TV but I ain’t going to be as useless as I used to because thingscanhappenthisfastwithmySMARTBROunlimited.Yohooo!


  1. Kevin


  2. Federic

    Smart Bro rocks! XD

  3. burby

    no s***? all in one printer??hahah! and i feel your pain. a deluge of violent reactions causing traffic in the folds of your brain that you need to let it out and spread it to the world so that another batch can run through.hahah! but then again, all in one printer? FREE??? SWEEEEET. ^0^

  4. amazing how the internet became part of man’s routine. i recall an earthquake here in the country months ago. funny coz my fb friends posted a status first before running, they said. now that’s how a fast internet connection becomes necessary. ;p

  5. John

    My ADHD self tells me to tweet this blog post. LOL. Nice one! and yes, Ashthon needed to go.

  6. pago

    for your broadband – make a SMART choice!

  7. Ina

    That’s Ashton Jones in the photo right? I share your opinion, I have no idea why the judges like her so much. Haha. We use Smartbro here at home too. It presents benefits now, I get updates from friends in Japan from Facebook. Viva la internet!

  8. Christine

    fast internet and reliable connection-only with SmartBro.

  9. Cheska

    WOW! all those freebies?! about time to make that switch..thanks for the info bob. Will rush to the nearest Smartbro to grab this amazing promo! teeeeheee!

  10. LJ

    you and me, powered by smart! :)

  11. Angel

    I got my Nokia E71 for free… thanks to SMART! now another freebies??? That’s truly AMAZING!!!! I must say, I really made a SMART choice!!! :-D

  12. SmartBro is great. :D ADHD? for real? lol

  13. Diane

    oooh… very enticing offer from SmartBro. I want one…

    btw — i can watch SYTYCD with you and we can go crazy over their moves together! ;)

  14. Botod

    Baskug! Daw masaylo man ko SMART BRO ba after basa ni… Ugaling la d b mo. :(

  15. bobby

    Yay! Thanks for all your replies guys! Hehee.. Yes, ADHD. Me!

  16. helen

    fast connection…love it..haha

  17. Eva

    Like Kailan (of Nihao Kailan on Nick Jr) always says, “SUPER”!!!!

  18. Now I’m thinking about switching to SMARTBRO… ; b

  19. Arianne Garrido

    I want to have one.=)

  20. fast it

  21. sannydavid


    gusto ko ng freebies!!! yung hp all in one printer!!!

  22. Ano

    I am a BRO user for years and they have never failed me… good choice BOB …

  23. sam... c",)

    nice one!
    great layout ;)

  24. Chris

    using smart bro is the best decision I made … im using it to post this comment while streaming and downloading. see you more on the net Kuya Bob

  25. Leins

    I’ve always been a loyal subscriber of SMARTBRO!!!

  26. eman

    LOL! Nice placards, eh! :D

  27. Gerwin S. Sobremisana

    It’s SMART to have a SMART Bro!

  28. ellaaaaa

    yeah. ashton is not that good. akon lng printer mo. hahahaha

  29. janice

    Wow! Great Deal!

  30. jinky

    hahaha! currently subscribing to plan 999 of smart, it a sure win if you subscribe now, with all the freebies pa…

  31. I am also a fan and a user of Smart Bro…
    Congratulations!!! :)

  32. Smart Bro is like a catalyst. It speeds up the action.. :)

  33. john

    bobby!! hey dude. yeah. um here’s a comment. hahhaha. oh and nice blog by the way. i’ll probably randomly run into you again one of these days again. but until then take care.

  34. RjG

    SMART people think alike…and its hard to go wrong when you think SMART!

  35. Beatrice Nicole Viray

    I am using smartbro here sa dorm! :)

  36. Jairr

    that’s what you call a true blowout!

  37. I need to save up for a laptop first :(

  38. jp

    Cool deal!

  39. jonathan jurilla

    I got a smartbro, bro!

  40. Ryan MArk

    great freebies! Go get one, Bob!

  41. that’s what you call hulog ng langit.

    amazing how internet saves you from insanity of not expressing your opinions. let’s all twit!

  42. Lourdes

    Another interesting blog, Bob! Thanks for sharing. Rock on Smart!

  43. stellaoshi

    With that Bob you won’t have a reason not to chat with me using a lame excuse that ur connection is slow. tell Tala to get 1 too!

  44. want one myself! hope it’s available here in Cebu

  45. Wendell

    Thanks for sharing! great “USEFUL” freebies from smart. now that’s what i call an All-in-one =)

  46. tjay

    go smartbro-ers! :)

  47. judas

    It’s the fastest in Iloilo thus worth every penny. Used to be a subscriber back in college. Good job!

  48. jamie

    SMART BRO really is smart! xD

  49. belo

    great post! thumbs up!

  50. J.I.

    I am SmartBro user too Sir Bob. Plug-in nga lang..haha.

  51. Leeha

    love smartbro! go sir! :D

  52. ana


  53. aisha

    i guess you just made a smart choice bro! :)

  54. pauline

    wapak!!! weee—> this one rocks…:)

  55. jeffrey (am_jepoy)

    actually sir i’m using smartbro plug in while i’m commenting here..haha well, we got our choice – great choice! :)

  56. Tin

    Fabulous! I’m a certified ADHD too! Go, go Get!!!

  57. this one is kewl… so true…

  58. kaye

    hi bob…i guess when you’re smart, you’re SMART. never mind being ADHD, i guess we all have that trait in one way or another. And i love watching these shows too! SYTYCD reminds me of my “then” days when i used to dance…a lot. I can’t do what they do, but i love watchin’ anyways. :)

  59. Bea

    nice choice! :)

  60. Pearl

    Because I am a highly opinionated guy, with self-confidence that can overthrow a dynasty, I often catch myself commenting more than the judges on American Idol do. –my favorite line ;D

  61. Titeet

    Ayos ah!

  62. Art John

    I like it. Hahaha. I am one of those people who tweet so much.

  63. rgm

    i hardly tweet. does that mean i do not have adhd? but i love retweeting.

  64. Hi Bob, The Universe will manifest!

  65. Aivan Cedullo

    Smart Bro, FTW!

  66. Ian

    ADHD…maybe you’re a superhero in hiding… ADHD is just your mind’s way of blocking your superhero hyperactive instincts! hehe. Be Smart, Get SMART Bro! (aw sus)

  67. fonz

    indeed. i am using SMART BRO. It is fast and very reliable. Good choice

  68. Paul

    Smart Bro rocks

  69. snow

    smart bro rocks. go sir bob! :D

  70. poy

    nice one! LOL!

  71. Pio Tabernilla II

    Kewl & creative writing to promote this broadband provider. hehe.

    I don’t like Ashton Jones that much either. But you have to admit she’s way better than Lauren Alaina or Karen Rodriguez to be voted out first.

    • bobby

      hi Pio! Yup, I agree (with your AI choices)… I also hope that our very own Thia would step up coz it seems she’s always playing safe. =) Cheers!

  72. Hi!
    Just one question. Were you the Bobby Rodriguez, the ballet dancer and who had once played Humadapnon against Gilda Mae Villanueva’s Malitong Yawa character in Hinilawod, way back…uhmm, 2000? 2001? Just curious.

    • bobby

      Hi! Yes, I am! I performed with Gilda for the National Tour of Panayanon in 2001. =) Have we met?

  73. Glenn Fernandez


  74. scarlet

    way to go, bob!

  75. aisha

    Oh they have this now? Tnx for the info bob

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