SIKAT ACADEMY is now on its third season!

Mar 9, 2011 by

SIKAT ACADEMY turns three this year as we beef up our more improved four-in-one summer workshop curriculum! More exciting activities, new teachers, and a new venue! This year SIKAT ACADEMY goes to Robinsons Place Iloilo as its new home for the summer. The past two seasons of Sikat Academy have been a fulfilling and fun experience to our students. With over 200 graduates last year, we have seen how much our kids have improved in terms of confidence, teamwork and creativity. What makes this year even more exciting is that SIKAT ACADEMY goes to BACOLOD CITY! Robinsons Place Bacolod will be home to Sikat Academy Bacolod. While the kids enjoy their hyper-activities in dance, music, acting and hosting/newscasting, they also have the privilege of being shown on TV as ABS-CBN (for both Bacolod and Iloilo) is our official media partner and co-presenter. Where else can you get this kind of deal?

Workshop starts on April 04 to May 05, 2011 at Robinsons Place Iloilo.

Slots are limited (and I am not kidding). Call 8577696 (PLDT landline) or 0948-8702198 (Mobile)

Sikat Academy is the first workshop to offer four learning areas in one package: dancing, acting, singing and hosting/newscasting. Conducting the workshops is a pool of competent teachers who are experts in their own fields. Yours truly is handling the dance workshop, thank you.

Kevin Piamonte as the Head Teacher

Atty Joebert Penaflorida as the Academy President

Rhoda Garzon as the Academy Supervisor for Bacolod City Sikat Academy

Crista Sianson-Huyong as the Music Teacher

Babbeth Fuentes-Vargas as the Acting Teacher

Charmaine Gale Nunez as the Hosting/Newscasting Teacher

John Raymund Macahilas as Hosting/Newscasting Teacher

Some of our kids during last year's SIKAT ACADEMY

Enjoying summer inside the cool comforts of a mall. Enroll your kids now!

Our kids posing up with teacher Rhoda.


  1. i love sikat academy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    honestly, ever since when did you see a unique 4 in 1 workshop such as this? and only for 4000 pesos! other workshops are worth 6000 pesos, but with only one area or field!

    • bobby

      Hehe… I’m glad to know you love SIKAT ACADEMY… From our end as the team behind the workshop, we are trying our best to give our workshoppers nothing but the best. We hope to go a long way with this. Thank you for your support!

  2. JT

    for kids lang ba to? -______-

    • admin

      Hi! We do accommodate teenagers as well of up to 18 years old. But majority of our enrollees are kids. =)

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