Signs That Will Tell You’re An Artist

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You don’t have to be gay to be an artist. Although it’s a step ahead if you’re one, as it saves you the trouble of having to exert more effort in, well, expressing yourself, but really it isn’t a legit necessity. So here are some of the signs that you might want to look into to say that in your veins run the atomic particles of the “god” genes: le artiste.

  • You have an odd obsession for both balance and imbalance. Do you like to arrange your things specifically in a disarranged manner? Do you loathe your mother for fixing your room causing you to be dissonant upon seeing your clothes placed in areas you did not want them to be? Do you see beauty in a sudden change of routine like floodwater entering your living room or getting away with a petty traffic violation that was done so creatively you felt like you’re in Bourne Legacy?
  • Your temper is polarized. Your reactions are passionate. You love like a madman. You hate with wickedness. You forgive without remorse. Your emotions are hard to define even when everyone else around you seems calm. Out of this undefined emotional fire inside you, you can come up with a distinct piece of work: a poem, a piece of drawing, a choreography, a tune, a reorganization of your garden, a delectable dish, a clothing so beautiful you’ll murder anyone who would argue.
  • Your honesty towards what’s beautiful and what’s ugly is so unacceptable people hate you for it. But nothing can shake you from telling the truth about what’s beautiful and what’s not. You say it and you say it to their face.
  • You are always on the verge of dying because many times you feel you have not achieved perfection even in the littlest of things. You die when people do not understand your vision for a piece of dance you’re creating. You die when your audience did not react according to how you expected them to react. You die when your supposed audience does not give you the applause you think you deserve. Perfection is not limited to Gods, you say. You are perfection yourself, and each day that’s what you struggle for. To achieve that perfection.
  • You don’t take holidays when you are working on something that you feel is artistic. You do not sleep. You sometimes forget to eat because all that you think about is how to finish what you have started. You think and think and think until there’s nothing left of you and you
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    feel like nine months is due and giving birth to a piece of artistic work is finally in place.

  • Deep inside you are confident and sure of what you do, but you have to act a bit insecure for the sake of being conventional.
  • You listen to other artists who have extensive body of work. You look up to other artists who have been regarded by the community to be a genuine cultural worker and not be deceived by so many other con-artists.
  • You have admirers other than your parents.
  • Your reality check is if you actually have a mental folio of your history as an artist. You know how you started, you know who trained you, you know your impact to the society, you know what you are capable of, and you know in the deepest recesses of your groin where this is all leading to.
  • You are not afraid to fail. And for each failure you rise above it as a better-learned artist.
After having been physically and psychologically unstable, Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear and offered it to a prostitute.

After having been physically and psychologically unstable, Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear and offered it to a prostitute.

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