Shocker: Spider-Man is Amazing. (by Jessica Zafra)

Jun 30, 2012 by

We were complaining that no new movies have opened in the last two weeks. (We saw Prometheus thrice.) Then today all the theatres started showing The Amazing Spider-Man and nothing else. Then we watched it because we had no choice. Then we shut up.

Holy crap The Amazing Spider-Man IS amazing.

1. We thought it was too soon after the Sam Raimis. We thought there were too many superhero movies. And we walked out on director Marc Webb’s previous movie 500 Days of Summer (Too sweet). Therefore it is useful to have Zero Expectations.

2. Andrew Garfield is brilliant. He’s about half the circumference of Chris Hemsworth’s wrist but he carries this movie on his skinny ass and rubber lips.

Interesting that in his two highest-profile roles Garfield knows a vital algorithm.

3. Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy is the first superhero girlfriend we would hang out with. Most of them we just want to slap. We especially like how she doesn’t get melodramatic about the turn of events.

4. The narrative is coherent and the characters are recognizable human beings. In the superhero universe, Spider-Man is the one who must constantly pay the human cost of possessing special powers. The people he loves keep dying on him or leaving. The movie gets this.

5. Instead of having Uncle Ben and Aunt May deliver dramatic monologues about Peter’s behavior, the director shows us the behavior that they interpret as teen rebellion. Too many filmmakers forget that their job is to show, not tell, and by ‘show’ we don’t mean ‘show how big your dick is’.

6. No one says that line about how great power comes with great responsibility, but it is understood. We like how they snuck in the other catchphrase, “Who am !?” Very clever, writers.

7. The dialogue is cheese-free and there is great chemistry between the leads. When tragedy strikes the movie delivers an emotional wallop without wallowing in cheap sentimentality.

8. Geographically-sound action scenes and solid interior logic. We have to see it again in IMAX 3D.

9. This movie makes Christopher Nolan look like Michael Bay with talent. It is ambitious but not self-important.

10. Marc Webb can claim that it is his destiny to make Spider-Man.

Enthusiastically recommended.

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  1. art john

    I love the “This movie makes Christopher Nolan look like Michael Bay with talent.” Love.

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