Sexually Enslaving A Kiwi Woman

Oct 2, 2011 by

Mary Elizabeth Jones is a 39-year old woman from New Zealand who claims to have been forced into prostitution and was locked up for months in a “tiny” room here in Iloilo City. The man behind the alleged abduction is Mark David Dedolo. Jones says she was invited to Iloilo City to attend a martial arts training and as it turns out, the martial arts expert she met in the Philippines robbed her and locked her up. She says she was also forced to have sex with up to¬†nine men everyday with each man paying the martial arts expert (Mr Dedolo) 5 grand. Ms Jones claims she was locked up in that room for five months but Philippine Immigration records show that she was only in the country for two months, from February 3, 2011 to April 12, 2011.

Dedolo told police he was forced to take Ms Jones to a mental institution after she started acting strangely when he refused her marriage proposal upon their meet up (otherwise known as eyeball).

The internet and the possibilities that go with it. I need my Starbucks.

Ms Jones (photo from

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  1. RamirJM

    What’s up with her? If it’s true kaluoy man. She was in the local paper yesterday and is declared a persona non grata.

  2. Anonaemous

    OMG… is there any truth in this? Are they actually investigating? Its so sad..

  3. marriage proposal upon their meet up? LOL!

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