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Ever wondered what your next door neighbor does for a living when he hardly leaves his house and yet manages to take home bags of shopping bags every so often or feed a family of five or buy a new car? Well, he could just be one of the thousands of online workers/entrepreneurs who are making a living from online gigs.

With the advent of social media, the internet has become the 4th advertising platform for almost any type of business. There is no stopping businesses, whether off line or online, from claiming their online presence. And with this, comes more opportunities for qualified individuals to land online jobs as web developers, graphic designers, content writers, social media marketers, link builders, SEO strategists etc.

In Iloilo city, the virtual workforce is rising and one of the main departments where many Ilonggos are getting their hands into is Search Engine Optimization. In layman’s terms, SEO pertains to the various techniques that are employed in order to rank a website in in the search engines. Websites need to be found online via the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) so they need to be optimized in order to achieve that.

With the rising number of Iloilo’s virtual workforce, having a local support group would come in handy. The ability to gather and exchange insights could be a big boost for the local virtual workforce. Not only will the current practitioners benefit from it but more importantly, those who are also interested in landing an online job will get the guidance they would need.

Last Saturday, May 12, 2012, the very FIRST SEO conference was held at the Provincial Capitol Building. The core group of SEO practitioners in Iloilo invited experts from Manila to talk about varied topics that ranged from SEO, Keyword research, Social Media, Pay Per Click Advertising, Local SEO Search, etc. The conference was supported by SEO Org Philippines headed by their president, Mr. Ed Pudol.

Ed Pudol

Mr. Ed Pudol, President of SEO Org Philippines

The gathering was not exclusively intended for SEO practitioners because there were quite a handful of online content writers, bloggers, web developers, and virtual assistants present. After all, these various positions intertwine in the virtual world.
registration SEO Iloilo

Registration area

SEO Iloilo Participants

Just the tip of the iceberg of the actual virtual workforce in Iloilo and its neighboring provinces.

SEO Iloilo Participants with the guest speakers

Photo-op with the speakers from Manila

The speakers flew in from Manila and discussed tricks of the trade in their respective areas of expertise. In the online community, they are celebrities in their own rights. Here they are:
SEO Iloilo Conference Speakers

Top (L -R) Jason Acidre, Mark Acsay, Zaldy Dalisay, Kim Tyrone Agapito. Below (L-R) Eduardo Joven, Sheila Dela Pena, Juanito Jacela.

Mark Acsay

Mark Acsay discussing Google's Penguin and Panda Updates

Zaldy Dalisay

Mr. Zaldy Dalisay sharing his expertise on Local SEO

Sheila dela Pena

Ms. Sheila Dela Pena on Social Approach to Online Marketing

The seminar ended quite late, but surely, current online workers have gained a lot of insights and tips from the experts and newbies, on the other hand, surely discovered a gold mine of online opportunities that are up for grabs.

Now with the SEO Iloilo’s presence, expect more projects like seminars and workshops that will cater to both current industry practitioners and aspiring virtual workers or entrepreneurs.


About the author: Aside from being the website manager of My Iloilo.Net, she is also a freelance online project manager. Take a peek at what she does online as a MaverickVA.

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  1. RJ

    Sayang.. ngayon ko lang nalaman na nagkaroon pala ng SEO conference. Sana maupdate din ako sa future events like this. SEO training if possible.. :)

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