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Jun 7, 2011 by

What’s fascinating about the teaching profession is the fact that each year is never the same as last year. You meet a different set of students each time. Things are never exactly the same. Even if you employ the same exact approach to a particular course, the attitudes and behavior of the learners are always unique it requires the teacher to be flexible and adapt to the necessary widgets of the course demands.

Tomorrow, UP Visayas officially opens the academic year to the incoming freshmen. The upperclass students are extremely eager to meet the fresh meat for their personal scrutiny. It’s payback time. Once when they were the freshmen, they probably suffered a great deal — what with all the horror stories in the university, about the dead but mostly about the living? It’s a passage of rights thing. We pass on what we have gone through to the new ones to unload ourselves of that promise to avenge. It’s kinda cool, really.

I hope that this new batch of UP students will not be any less than those that have gone before them. Speculations abound this new generation and I have read them everywhere, talked about it among my co-teachers and have thought of it a great deal. There’s fear that this new generation haven’t used much handwriting in their academics. There’s fear that this new generation are a bunch of multimedia freaks who will die when asked to read a textbook without a picture for five straight pages. There’s fear that this new generation cannot spell the words correctly because they are too lazy to do it. There’s fear that this new generation thinks they’re smarter than their teachers.

These are all speculations and I hope our incoming students are better than all this silly talk. Honestly, I am very prepared this semester. I am excited to meet my class and see the eagerness in their eyes and their jaws dropping when I start speaking and I modulate my deep bass in rolling, flawless English and hear their oohs and aahhs because I will be their teacher in the next four months. Until I tell them my class rules. I think that would change the whole thing. Ha-ha.

I am not completely evil. But I will update you with the unfolding of events, especially when there’s something unusual and talk-worthy on my first day of class. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go watch Magandang Gabi, Vice.

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