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Apr 15, 2011 by

A few general and trivial things some Ilonggos should learn to better the City of Love:

1. Queuing. Gone are the days when Payless Plaza was a hit and paying over the counter meant trying to kill one another to get served first. I remember growing up seeing my mom morph into a brutal warrior just to get the attention of the cashier who behaved like the first lady of the country.

2. Getting down from a jeepney at the designated unloading/loading areas. Discipline is key to a more orderly city. If you’re fond of insisting on ‘STOP-THE-JEEP-NOW-COZ-I-SAID-SO’ attitude, then you’re dead in Singapore. Gone are the days when calesas ruled the streets.

3. Taking action on unsatisfactory customer service. Ilonggos are generally tolerating — to a point of being self-sacrificing. But personally, there’s a need to level-up our understanding of customer service: When you feel shortchanged, COMPLAIN and voice out your dissatisfaction. Teach them a lesson, especially those employees who have attitudes: banks, restaurants, store assistants, hotels, etc. Gone are the days when Ilonggos felt indebted to that person in uniform whose job was to serve you with nothing but what you actually deserve.

4. Throwing of garbage properly. Garbage segregation seems to be a major puzzlement to a lot of Ilonggos and I don’t understand what’s so difficult with the task. Gone are the days when we think burning dried leaves together with plastic wrappers and exploding empty hairsprays were defense against mosquitoes.

5. Applauding a performance generously. I always feel sorry for visiting artists/performers who appear at malls and perform their hearts out only to end up with a staring, apathetic audience. Ilonggos are known to be the most difficult crowd to please. But guys, come on. Some of us could not even manage to stand properly on stage. A minimal effort of putting your hands together won’t kill you. Gone are the days when our concept of great entertainment were our children performing in the living room after dinner.

6. Feet off the cinema chair please. Gone are the days of Allegro and Vision Cinema.

7. Sunblocking as a way of life. This goes out to all of my friends who still desire that tanned look achieved naturally. Gone are the days when noontime meant Villa beach al fresco.

8. Enjoy some of your earnings. Life is short. Work and play. Don’t just work and work and save and save and nothing else. Ilonggos are very, very prudent. To the point of being annoying. Gone are the days when food was synonymously exclusive to backyard gardening.

9. Reduce the use of plastic bags. Earth is now a concern. We have realized that earth is also a dispensable thing, therefore we need to be more cautious and watch a bit of National Geographic. Gone are the days when plastics were used as coin purse.

10. STOP WALKING when the Philippine National Anthem is played. It annoys me to see people who disrespect the National Anthem by being unmindful when it plays: at malls, cinemas, plazas and other public places. In other countries, you can get imprisoned for not halting during a national anthem. Gone are the days when we were complete idiots we thought the National Anthem is nothing but muzak.

Kim's Bob is my favorite Korean Restaurant.


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  1. jet

    Bob! I love this piece. I so agree with you. Kun kaisa, im stressing out my self para lang mang sita. Ulugtasan no, daw sa wala bala pinanilagan. Anyway, your blog is entertaining. This is the only ilonggo blog i read aside from the online local papers. I love Kim’s Bob too. :)

    • bobby

      Hahaha actually, this is a super long overdue piece and I always miss publishing it. Di bala kis-a it’s so annoying that things like these are supposed to be common sense yet people find it so hard to abide by? Ayayay.

  2. Felix IV

    haha i love how the photo is there at the end!!!

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