Road Stories (part 1)

Jul 5, 2011 by

Because I couldn’t make it to Kylie Minogue’s concert tomorrow, I decided to cruise the roads of Iloilo and take some interesting photos of things that caught my attention. My mind is still reeling with excitement for next week’s rehearsals for Gleeorious (the Musical), so I can only think of a few things: my lines, my songs, and my choreography. But I’m not letting that excitement take me away from my blogging because hey, this blog is getting somewhere! Some good news are on your way, so stay stuck with me and my blubber.

So Kylie baby, I’ll see you some other time. Hopefully by then you get to come up with something together with Madonna.

I was on the bus and I saw these guys on monocycle. In costume! At 2 PM! Apparently these guys were campaigning for votes in the upcoming season of Pilipinas Got Talent.

"Happy" is the English word for Sadya. "Sadia" is a Hiligaynon variation of Sadya which means "Happy." Thus, anyone who rides this cab should be happy.

If the traffic enforcers cannot regulate these tricycle's passenger capacity, can they at least require them to have seatbelts?!

Malabon comes to Iloilo.

Can someone please do something about our drainage system here in Iloilo?

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