A workshop for guest relations, maybe?

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Call me cheap, but I patronize restaurants that appreciate customer loyalty with very small but thoughtful things: a smiling staff that remembers my name, a tete-a-tete with the owner/s (I’m a sucker for small talk), a complimentary bowl of crackers, or dilis, or goddamn flavored water, or a relatively exciting .03% discount. I dig these things because no matter how small or huge these gestures of appreciation are, these are proofs of customer value. I always tell my friends (and trust me, there are so many ¬†of them eaters) about how warm and cared I felt in that restaurant. Restaurants like Maki, Steps of Rome, Hamada, Ponshyon, Promenade, Al Dente, Cafe Laguna, Max’s, Bauhinia, and Emilion.

I shared these thoughts with some of my friends in the restaurant business and I asked them how come there are some restaurants that we frequent and it seems the owners and the staff don’t give a damn. The enlightenment came simply:

Bob, some so-called restaurateurs are just there for plain business. Some are there for passion.

Makes a lot of sense to me. But still, I judge these restaurants that have owners who are indifferent as “cold”; the kind that would make me not care if it goes bankrupt or if it reaches the Ilonggo people’s ¬†saturation point. I would feel un-sorry if they get robbed or burned down or sued. Not that my feelings should matter, but uhm, maybe it should.

This video will tell you why Starbucks makes you feel important:

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