Reporting for Duty

Mar 6, 2013 by

I have been gone too long. Now that I have reloaded some of my dried up neurons, I think I’m ready for a brand new me. I have met so many new interesting people. Visited wonderful places. Tasted new food (mostly Chinese exotic stuff), watched new movies, predicted Daniel Day Lewis’s three-peat and have followed stupid people on Twitter very closely. I even spent one day berating one student whose best asset is to get 5 likes for posting something that compels people to rally against me for being virtually rude.


That’s a mouthful for a sudden comeback. No, but really, I’m gearing up for something warmer here in I have to shift from mere stillness to sheer physicality. The so-called ‘coming-to-life’ will best describe this new phase that I’m about to launch and I think it would make me more like a real person than I already am.

More haters, too, I suppose.

But this is showbiz. For what would a showman’s worth be without detesters?

So my dear MyIloilo readers, I hope you would welcome me back with open arms now that I have resurrected myself. This I promise you:

I’m still here. *Insert Barbra Streisand’s nose here*

My now.

My now.

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