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This business proposal article is written by Kevin Pison Piamonte.


We have a mango farm in Guimaras. It is 15 minutes away from the wharf of Jordan. This is our advocacy. Through our farm, we would like to encourage people to go back to nature, to love nature through farming.

In our farm are more than a thousand mango trees. My father, Angel Piamonte, planted every single one of them. Now the trees have grown and have produced the sweetest mangoes.

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Aerial views of our Guimaras Mango farm

Aerial views of our Guimaras Mango farm

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Rent a Mango Tree is our project.

One mango tree can conservatively yield 400 kilos of mangoes. A kilo of mangoes can be sold at a conservative farm price of 50 pesos per kilo. This is on a good season. A good season means off-season and not during Manggahan festival where mangoes can be sold at a much lower farm price because there is too much supply of mangoes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 7.59.37 PM So do the math.

400 kilos of mangos x P50 pesos per kilo = P20,000 projected yield. That’s only per mango tree.

Since 400 kilos is a conservative projection, it goes without saying that if you harvest more than 400 kilos then you will surely have more. And that’s all yours.

We can rent out a minimum of 20 mango trees.

With 20 mango trees, this is your possible gross earning. P20,000 per mango tree x 20 minimum mango trees will give you a total of P400,000.00.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 8.01.47 PM

To cultivate a mango tree you need to fertilize and spray. You need to wrap each bloom and fruit with newspaper to protect it from pests. This is what you call bagging. But there are people who can do this for you. And that would cost an average of 50,000 pesos which can already be the maximum expense for 20 mango trees.

*A footnote on this, meals are required for 10-15 people who work on the trees.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 8.04.42 PM

Because we want empowerment, each tree will only cost 2,000 pesos to rent per year. And because we want you to earn a lot more we will ask for a minimum rental of 5 years.

Computing your rent.
P2,000 per mango tree x 20 mango trees minimum x 5 years minimum rent

Your rental is P200,000.

Your possible income.

Doing the math again.

And if you recall your gross earning per year P400,000.00 per year x 5 years = P2,000,000.00.

2 MILLION PESOS is definitely not a bad deal. You will definitely be earning way more than 100% of what you will be investing.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 8.08.08 PM

So it goes without saying that if you rent more, you will earn more.

Your rental will consist of 2 years downpayment plus a yearly rental of only up to the 4th year because on the 5th year we want you to be rent free. Because we want you to earn as much as you can.

For example
2-year advance payment: September 3, 2017

1st post-dated cheque: September 3, 2018

2nd post-dated cheque: September 3, 2019

3rd post-dated cheque: September 3, 2020


And you might ask about the weather. Any farmer would fervently hope that the weather will cooperate. And as all of us would hope especially if we involve the outdoors, that the weather will cooperate too. After all, we should be able to take risks in anything that we do.

Engaging our Mango Farm: Guidelines

Our Minimums

1. Five (5) years minimum implies that you can renew your contract on the 5th year if you wish to add another 5 years of farming. This is subject to our assessment of your observance of our guidelines.

2. Our required number of trees for rental is a minimum of 20 mango trees.

Choose and Tag your Mango Trees

1. The mango trees are spread among 8 lots of about 8 hectares per lot. You will choose your trees, however, your choice of trees should only be contained in one lot. The trees should also be adjacent to each other.

2. Once you have chosen the trees, we will tag them with your name and mark them as your own. This will give you a sense of ownership of your mango trees.

Fertilize and Spray

1. As you know farming requires fertilizing and spraying. Fertilizing the soil enriches it. However too much fertilizer can also destroy the soil. We recommend that you fertilize the soil twice within a 5-year contract. Spraying, on the other hand, induces fruit production. This means you will have to spray the trees each year.

2. You are required to inform us every time you fertilize and spray. Our representatives will monitor these activities.

3. For fertilizing and spraying please refer to the specified guidelines set by the Department of Trade and Industry on “Philippine National Standard: Code of Good Agricultural Practices for Mango”. Fertilizers and chemicals to be used are found in this manual. s+for+mango

or you can also consult:
Bureau of Plant Industry “Important Cultural Management for Mangoes”

4. You are encouraged to have your own people to fertilize, spray, bag and generally take care of the mango trees and the surrounding areas. Since this is a farm, there will come a time when the area needs clearing from weeds and other unnecessary wild plants. If you do not have people to do these, we can recommend a team of people for you. However, it is your responsibility to coordinate with them. Remember this is also an advocacy to go back to nature through farming. Therefore, it is not only about renting the trees and earning from them. This also implies that you will have to cultivate and take care of the mango trees you are renting.


1. What we literally call the fruits of our labor, harvest is very exciting. We need your presence or at least your representative during harvest.

2. You will be responsible for your own harvest. The team who have fertilized, sprayed and bagged your mangoes will also be in charge of harvesting your mangoes. While we have the market ready for our produce, it is highly encouraged that you have your own market so in this way we can establish linkages with different markets. It will not only be beneficial to you, but to others involved as well because as per market research there will never be enough number of mangoes especially if we are targeting off-season.

3. It is also best that you are present or at least your representative because you will have to account your mangoes and collect your own earnings. Apart from being transparent with accounting, we want to encourage you to experience the full cycle of farming.

Therefore, you rent, you cultivate and take care of the trees and you harvest. This is our advocacy and this is why we want you to be part of this.

Right of Way

If right of way is your concern, we can provide a provisional right of way. The right of way should be agreed upon between you and the management team. We want to ensure that the land and the trees will also be protected.


1. Improvements can be on the property or the farmland. These improvements can only be:

A. construction of a shelter or a hut
B. construction of water source such as a well

2. The construction of a shelter or a hut should only be made of light materials. This shelter or hut is specifically for farm materials and farm security to watch over your trees especially when they are already bearing fruits.

3. When the contract ends, any of these improvements made will remain and become part of the property.


Should you need security, we only recommend Counterpoint Security Systems, Inc. with contact numbers (033)3351157 and address at Tan Guzman Building, Guanco St, Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo

Payment of Rental

Payment of rental will be required at the start of your cultivation. We will require an advance payment equivalent to 2 years of your 5-year contract. Together with the advance payment, we will also require 3 post-dated checks. These post-dated checks will be dated in 3 intervals 1 year after each date of payment based on the date of the advance payment.

To review the example and make it more specific for a 20-mango tree rental:

2-year advance payment: September 3, 2017

20 mango trees x P2,000.00 x 2 years = P80,000.00

1st post-dated cheque: September 3, 2018

20 mango trees x P2,000.00 = P40,000.00

2nd post-dated cheque: September 3, 2019

20 mango trees x P2,000.00 = P40,000.00

3rd post-dated cheque: September 3, 2020

20 mango trees x P2,000.00 = P40,000.00


Cheque payments should either be addressed to Kevin Piamonte or Edgardo Batacandolo Jr.

If you are amenable to all these terms, we can prepare the contract. Once the contract has been signed you can begin farming.

for Angel Piamonte
Kevin Piamonte & Edgardo Batacandolo, Jr.

0945-332-4748 or 0908-430-3665

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  1. maria aiza porsuelo

    we would like to try to rent a mango tree in guimaras.what are the requirements needed? we are planning to have a day tour there on aug 19-20 2017. can we see the farm?

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