Reawakening Iloilo’s Sleeping Grandeur

Oct 10, 2012 by

After having been given the privilege to give a seminar-workshop on Professionalism and Corporate Business Personality to the Iloilo City Hall employees, I have come to appreciate the city’s efforts to propel itself forward in achieving the dream of becoming the Premier City by 2015. A city’s solid success depends on so many elements but one of the most crucial is its workforce — the men and women behind the city government who work hand-in-hand to ensure the swift, efficient and professional business transactions that the city and its people can benefit from.

With the many exciting plans of the city government, led by Hon. Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, I share the excitement with the Iloilo City Hall employees who have embraced the big leap towards changes in their internal and external affairs — all for the betterment of the organization and the city. I am hopeful that this synergy would double (or triple) until all the beautiful plans would come to fruition.

One of the most visible efforts being taken by the Iloilo Cultural Heritage Foundation, Inc. (ICHFC) together with the Iloilo City Government, the Department of Tourism and some private citizens is the restoration of the buildings along Calle Real. This is truly a promising collaboration between public and private groups. Something we should all be supportive of as Ilonggos.

A fellow blogger and Iloilo Tourism Advocate, Mark Segador (visit his facebook page here) also covered the press conference for Iloilo Cultural Heritage Award and writes with beautiful photos about the superlative developments the foundation is undertaking to bring back the old glory of Iloilo. Here’s what Mark has to say:

There are so many good news I would love to share with you regarding the developments at the restoration efforts at Calle Real. The Iloilo Cultural Heritage Foundation Inc. has lined up several projects that will surely bring back the grandeur of the old central business district. Restoration efforts are now in full swing and there are still several ones in the pipeline. The Foundation, in its mission not only to restore the beauty of Calle Real but also to spread awareness among Ilonggos the importance of caring for our heritage structures and landmarks, has also launched the Iloilo Heritage Awards. Now that’s only part of the news, there’s more. 

To continue reading the full story, please visit Mark Segador’s site here:

Villanueva Building Iloilo

1923 S. Villanueva at Calle Real corner Arsenal Street (from Mark Segador’s

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