Who cares about the banyo?

May 6, 2011 by

One of the things I hate about Iloilo is that the public restrooms are utterly neglected I feel it should be considered a crime. Part of it is the irresponsible use of the public (ourselves) of these restrooms. Restrooms found in restaurants are unpredictable. Sometimes they’re clean-looking, but the smell tells you otherwise. At malls, the urinals have dripping stuff so gross I wanna puke now. Even the restrooms in government offices are so stinky it screams with disrespect to the users. In bars and clubs, it’s even worse: restrooms are death chambers. Instead of coming out fresh, you smell like someone else’s swollen esophagus.

COMMON CHALLENGES in public restrooms:

1. No tissue paper. What to use? Old receipts in your wallet? Used prepaid load cards? If the cube has a pail and a faucet, you feel you are blessed by God.

2. No flush. What to do? Peep through the cube door and make sure no one else is in the room before you… RUN OFF!

3. Spilled pee on toilet seat. Sit like a frog and wish no one raids your cube.

4. Cube with no bolt. This must be an old set for a porn shoot.

5. Deadliest combo smell of unmentionable things. Gas masks on vendo would do.

I especially would like to call the attention of restaurant and bar owners at Smallville commercial complex. My goodness, you guys are earning heaps of money from all the drunkards and gluttons who dump every one hour and your restrooms are the next best thing after your kitchen. PAY A LITTLE ATTENTION TO IT! Make your customers feel safe, and secure and HYGIENIC while they’re in there. I always feel worse every time I go in the loo and I feel like a dog scouring through other dogs’ waste.


Thank God for Days Hotel, Emilion Roadhouse, Amigo Plaza and Starbucks. In these places, restrooms are given due respect.

To quote a literary reminder found by Kathy Piamonte in a bus terminal ladies’ restroom, Sit like a princess, not like a frog. I like its metaphorical subtlety.

Eat this.

MO2 Ice is a resto-bar-dance-club at Smallville Commercial Complex in Iloilo City. It is always full of party-goers mostly comprised of students (the groupie thing), drunk-and-ready-to-strip-girls-who-go-up-the-tables, and all sorts of gay guys. Here are some photos I took last night. It features a drunk-and-ready-to-strip-girls-who-go-up-the-tables-after-a-few-seconds-of-provocation-from-the-male-species who scream “uba! uba! uba!” (Strip! Strip! Strip!)

A woman with jackfruit for a brain.

And jackfruits can strip too.


  1. FG

    uba! uba! uba! haha..saying that in ilonggo is funnier than I thought! haha

    • bobby

      Oh it is! You should hear how it sounds en mass! hahaha!

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