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Apr 6, 2011 by

I was in my usual “reflective” self last night enjoying my cold bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen by the bar when I was approached by a not-so-strange looking man who said “hi.”

I said Hi back and beamed a smile.

He started asking if I was from town. I said yes. He said he wasn’t.

He said he’s from Cebu but is now based in Manila. I said Ah.

Then for congenial reasons, I asked what he’s doing in the city. He said he had a gig earlier. I asked which one. He said somewhere in the city. I said, oh so you’re in a band? He said yeah. I said Oh.

He drank his Red Horse.

I asked what his band plays. He mentioned his band but I didn’t hear it. Too noisy, this club.

I drank my Pilsen. Then he said, hey can I get you another bottle? I said, really? And he said yeah, it’s on me. He asked the bartender for another round: a red horse for him, a pale pilsen for me.

While drinking our beers, he started talking about how nice it is for him being in Iloilo and be able to do stuff no one really cares about because nobody really gives a fig.

I said, well not for me. Whatever I do gets a bit controversial. He said, so you’re kinda famous here huh. I said, not as famous as I’m supposed to be. He laughed.

He said there are lots of cool people in Iloilo. I said you bet.

Then he introduced me to a friend of his. He introduced me to the guy whose name I forgot.

Then I realized I didn’t get this guy’s name so I asked. He said I’m Jay. I said my name is Bobby.

He started asking if I listen to pinoy bands. I said of course. I started yakking about my ultimate fanaticism on Eraserheads and told him that I actually am an eraser-head. He laughed heartily.

They were not called Chucks, then. They were simply Converse.


He said in 3 hours he and his band mates will be flying back to Manila. I said, well I love road tours (as if I have been to one). He said hey, if you get to Manila, do text me. I said yeah I’d love to watch your gigs.

He said no, not watch my gigs. He said we can hang out. I said cool.

So we exchanged numbers and he stored his name on my phone. Then I noticed people were STARING at us and it boggled me. I stared at Jay and wondered he actually looked familiar. I bothered asking what his band was.

He said have you heared of Cueshe?

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  1. resy

    i remember this story. hahaha! :) ikaw na… ikaw na!!! hahaha! :)

  2. C

    Waaaaaaaaa!! Jay!! :D

  3. Charity

    Awww! You are so lucky Sir Bob! Pangarap lang sila sa akin but you actually had a great conversation. ^_^ HEHEHEHE…

  4. mabeck

    oh yes he is. ever since the world began. good luck, bob. haha

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