Ilonggo in Manila (pirstaym I remember)

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Prince Golez

Funny experience in Manila: I actually have lots of funny or, say, amusing(?) experiences here in Manila; and if only I have a photographer following me every day, my life would really be the most interesting photo album. Anyway, during my second day in Makati, my boss had me covered an MLhuiller event at Salcedo Village. Thinking that the Village is just a stone’s throw away, I decided to walk from Mayapis to Salcedo at Picasso. When I arrived at the boutique, my tongue was literally out and had to take a half bath at the lavatory.

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo whenI think it’s the part where you want to go to a place on the dot; then, suddenly, you find yourself in the MRT being ‘frottaged’ by a parlorista. Do I look like a basketbolista playing at the nearby kanto?

Labella Sales

Labella Sales, My Iloilo

Funny experience in Manila: Sang ginhagad nanda nila ko magsulod sa isa ka bar tapos na awestruck ako kay nakit-an ko duha ka babaye nga daw model nagahalukanay. (When they invited me to a bar and I was awestruck to see two girls who looked like models kissing each other)

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo when… Waay pa man ko ti horrible experience gid… malala lang sang nag-Ondoy tapos ara ko ya sa Marikina Sports Complex. (I haven’t really had a horrible experience. The worst was during typhoon Ondoy and I was stuck in Marikina Sports Complex)

Zsa Zsa Bacaling

Funny experience in Manila: Had our pictures taken in Glorietta while malling and inside the MRT/LRT! Manol. Hahaha!

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo whena.) Riding ugly looking jeepneys — felt like anytime during the ride it was going to fall apart! (Yes, nakaagi ako to jeep when I was reviewing for the Bar!). Made me appreciate our jeepneys here in Iloilo! b.) Being deceived by a taxi driver who drove us around pretending he didn’t know where we were going, charged us extra and refused to give back our change! Brought out the biatch in me and made me conclude that taxi drivers here in Iloilo are more mabait. I feel way safer here in Iloilo.

Ajeeh Sarria-Arungayan

Funny experience in Manila: The first funny thing that comes to mind is the strong Ilonggo accent! Even if I talked in straight Tagalog (maraming salamat, Ibong Adarna and Funny Komiks!), I could still here the punto I used to have (and I think it’s still there somewhere. Hehehe). I have lots of hilarious stories about being promdi, from mixing up Tagalog and Ilonggo words (uy, ang payat mo ngayon! Hinde, ganito lang talaga ang lawas ko!) to groping for actual words (how do you say ‘patughong’ in Tagalog?). And that’s just talking about the language barrier.

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo whenManila has been very good to me, but if there’s something that I absolutely dread about her, I can sum it up in one word: TRAFFIC.

Janice Tanongtanong

Janice Tanongtanong, My Iloilo

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo whenIn September 29, 2011 to be exact, my return flight from Hongkong to Manila was delayed due to the typhoon. Apparently, it was the strongest typhoon in 11 years to hit Metro Manila, Typhoon Milenyo. When I arrived at the NAIA from a delayed flight, it was crowded, no electricity, no air-conditioning. The place was full of anxious, stranded passengers. Foreign passengers complained about their cancelled or postponed flights. People were upset about the situation brought by the calamity. The typhoon brought severe damage in Manila. It saddened me. I was supposed to stay there for 3 more days to see my sister. I thought of rebooking my flight for an earlier plane but airline system was down. I couldn’t find any hotels nearby just for one night. Eventually, I settled for the nearest decrepit pension house just across the airport. What added to the creepiness of the place was the absence of electricity and the thought of being there all by myself. It was the scariest experience I’ve had so far. Good thing I survived.


Mikki Licop, My Iloilo

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo whenI can’t single out an event. Everyday, I wanna go home to Iloilo!


Dulce Ong, My Iloilo

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo whenI had the misfortune of meeting a pervert whom I shall call Mr. Do-it-Yourself in an FX. I was the only one left in the four-seater second row of the vehicle and was seated behind the driver. I remember I was so annoyed because of the full-blast stereo volume of manong driver listening to a very jologs station. What annoyed me more was the rhythmic banging of the seat an the back. I thought the other passenger was just enjoying the music so much he couldn’t help but dance along. When I turned my back, this guy was giving me a funny look. (Later I realized the funny look was the “maniac’s look”!) Then it hit me! The guy was “pleasuring” himself, with me as the subject in a very jologs music! I immediately shouted “para!” without knowing where the hell I was. I was so shaken and angry!

Respondent X

Funny experience in Manila: I can think of one but this did not make me think na Promdi gid ako tuod. I was in a fastfood restaurant (Goldilocks) having snacks with some friends when I felt the need to answer the call of nature. So I rushed to the restroom, locked the door and started to do what had to be done. When I looked down, I saw a trash can beside the toilet bowl and noticed a white thing with what looked like blood. When I was done, I opened the door and outside was a girl of about 10 looking surprised when she saw me step out of the door. While I was going back to my friends, I heard the kid say, “Mommy, bakit yung mama sa CR ng babae pumasok?” It was only then I realized where I had been to. The experience did not make think na promdi gid ako but how tanga I was.

The moment I wanted to go back to Iloilo whenI Was living in a boarding house and sharing one small room with five other boarders not horrible? There was even a time when 10 boarders slept together in that room. Made me miss my own room and privacy in Iloilo.


  1. Janice

    Thanks so much bob for making me part of this blog!
    Keep it Up! Mwah! God Bless always.

  2. hala, just read this! thanks, sir bob! :)

  3. reggie

    Hi Bobby,

    I’m not sure how I stumbled in here….ahhh, I think it was my Google search for a Zombading movie review. I didn’t get to the review but I’m happy going through all of your posts in the last hour (definitely bookmarking you now). They way you write about Iloilo is the way I want to see my beloved city- presenting it in the best possible light, Hiligaynon pride, and calls to civic action.

    The moment I wanted to go back in Iloilo is when I see nice airports in other countries.
    Ipabugal ko man, nga indi man paulihi ang sa aton!

    • bobby

      Wow, truly and honor to get noticed by someone who cares about our city as much as I do too — take both the good and bad of it, just like any other city. I hope you keep visiting, Reggie. Thank you gid.

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