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Before deleting these photos out of my phone, I decided to post it just for the heck of it. These are photos of spontaneity. I’m a trigger-happy kid and sometimes, for no apparent reason, I just shoot and shoot and shoot and it is so unlike the 80s when we had to worry about film rolls and the expensive developing costs. These days, a lot of kids have never even held a real photo other than the ones they took using their phones.

With the upcoming Lent Season, Guimaras is once again on the roll in welcoming its guests to the famed Ang Pagtaltal (“the crucifixion) with pizazz. This Roman-clad Asian dude stands upright to welcome docking guests to the island of Guimaras. For me, it’s a novel and cute idea that should remind us of our faith in this season of prayer and reflection. Oh, I forgot to make a call to Boracay to confirm my reservation! Wait a sec!

This is a recent photo of the infamous Barbecue Park at the Diversion Road which stirred controversy when the mayor ordered the demolition of illegal structures by the Iloilo River. Apparently, this restaurant is owned by City Councilor Edward Yee. Thus the rumored conflict of interest. The public kept their eyes on the sequence of events with the hovering question: WILL THE MAYOR BE FIRM ENOUGH and follow the rule of law? Speculations were a frenzy and skeptics bombarded the mayor with indecisiveness and chasing his own swaggering tail by favoring those who are also in power and applying brute force to those who are common. But in fairness, the demolition happened and yes, we can’t hate the mayor through and through.

This is not the official mascot of Mang Inasal — however appropriate it seems to appear petrified across the 3-Billion-pesos chain of chicken food. The back story of this chicken is interesting: we once handled the Chinese New Year (sometime 2007) and the Iloilo Chinese Commercial hired our services to direct their presentation. Since that year was a year of the rooster, we thought of parading a giant rooster that moves through hydraulics. This piece was created by PG ‘Boyet’ Zuluaga. The chicken never had a bath since then. Paging Mr Labada, please pour some good foaming on it please.

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