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I’m a self-confessed partyphile. I feel like getting sick whenever I miss a weekend not going out with friends. I don’t know if this is an illness, but I get a kick out of dancing, having fun with the company of friends and inevitably be self-induced in a considerable amount of booze.

When everyone else is intoxicated, there seems to be a rapid change in people’s sensitivity level. Suddenly people become touchy. Or aggressive. Or just plain dorks. A boy stares at a girl, but alas, the girl is with another boy. So the other boy picks up his beer bottle and slams it onto the head of the other. Some boys do need to prove their manliness at least once in their lives – but not necessarily with the help of a beer bottle and a wounded scalp.

I’ve had my time of over-spilling fun in party places but not to the point of being dragged out of the club by the security, or be handcuffed to a police station or worse, be brought to the hospital. There’s a fine line between good-time partying and a trouble-mess partying after midnight. With the coming festival, parties will be everywhere. Booze will overflow. Streaks of lights and the deafening bass of sounds will cause you to hyperventilate if you’re just sitting down and not dancing. While these elements are perfect ingredients for brawls and some nasty chase scenes, it should be smart to know how to stay away from trouble yet experience as much fun as you can.

At Freska Restaurant circa the beer balloon ages

The Fast and the Furious

Iloilo hasn’t really been too particular about drunk driving, but let me tell you that it is a pact with death if you decide to get so drunk and you have your car keys with you for later use. I have seen so many young people leave the club premises extremely wasted and drive themselves home. Each time you drink and drive, think about how many times we can really call ourselves lucky.

The Mister Suave Moves

Strangers are the most exciting people in a party scene. They offer so much mystery that the curious in us would want to discover. Once the dancing starts, we get possessed by some spirit of aggression. And this is where trouble starts. Unless you are really out to find trouble, then there’s no point why you should even read this article. A responsible partyphile can always smell if someone is not very congenial anymore. A party scene full of people is like a pride in the grasslands. Lionesses are highly guarded by the king of pride and will paw at anyone who attempts to cross the line. When this happens, have the initiative to leave the territory and find a safer ground. You may feel like sh*t but at least you’re safe.

Hook the Line and Sink

For very adventurous adults, it is best to let your group know (or whoever you are with) should you decide to be taken home by someone else or vice versa. Although we value secrecy and matters private, nothing can be more valuable than being robbed or found dead somewhere no one knows. In addition, watch out for some extremely vulgar demonstrations of physicality when in a party scene. Kissing and hugging are a bit acceptable (in a place where there are no children in the crowd), but beyond that is a welcome treat to people with camera phones.

Modus Operandi Dudes and Dudettes

You really have to watch out for your wallets and cellphones whenever the crowd gets thicker and everyone else seems to mesh into the dance pit. Hands can crawl and with you being either slightly or heavily intoxicated, you might think someone is just pleasurably groping you but na-ah! It’s high-end robbery. It would be good if you don’t bring a huge wallet. A “slush money” where you place it in a different pocket aside from your wallet – just in case something happens at least you have some cab money to get yourself home.

Point Blank

The most horrible thing that can happen in an intense party scene is a confrontation with firearms. Although this is something that doesn’t happen on a regular basis, it is also a reality. It has happened where I was peacefully partying with friends and I would hear a gunshot and see people running for their lives. As a smart-chic partyphile that you are, be vigilant of the kind of people involved in an escalating conflict. You can avoid getting trapped in the middle if early on you are far from the scene. When voices are raised and arrogance between the disputing parties is obviously out-of-control, it’s time to pay your bill and leave the premises. And continue partying somewhere else.

Responsible partying is really just about being safe and not causing trouble to other people. It is about knowing your limitations and defining the kind of fun that you want – with a good company. I have mixed with all sorts of partying crowds in the many years of my partyphile existence. I have danced and boozed like crazy and still got myself home safe and tucked in bed till I wake up the next day to nurse my intoxicated state. But then again, I did all these after my 19th birthday and was no longer called a minor.

At Flow Superclub in Iloilo

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