Pangodak #6: Pwek Kwong

Oct 11, 2011 by


Pwek Kwong on Abstract Photography:

Abstract photography would be the field of my choice. Being a graphic designer and layout artist for more than 5 years, I have grown to love space management (Lines, color theory, symmetry or asymmetry, patterns, etc.) and I always try to incorporate these to my photos. I”d like my photos to have no one particular story and not just relaying one particular message. I”d like them to seem mysterious and engaging. A photo that can have multiple interpretations. In contrast to the “technicalities” of being an abstract photography enthusiast, I also love shooting in the streets. Having to find your “own” light and subject gives me a certain level of excitement I can not express in words. Abstract Street. For me, it”s the perfect balance.

Light Source


*We are dedicating the entire week featuring Ilonggo photographers or photographs of Iloilo. For interested photography professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, please send me two of your BEST WORK as a lensman. Provide us with a title/ brief description of your work and a one-liner intro for you. Send your works through my email:


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  1. RamirJM

    There’s drama in B&W. Nice!

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