Pangodak #7: Lucille Detoyato

Oct 13, 2011 by


Lucille Detoyato has the capacity to examine the human heart both literally and figuratively. She can slice through you with the help of a scalpel as a licensed physician; she can pierce through you with the images she capture that denotes theĀ soul — a lifetime calling aside from being a doctor called photography. Lucille refuses to indulge us with words. Photographs are much better than that. Proceed.

Untitled 1.

Untitled 2

*We are dedicating the entire week featuring Ilonggo photographers or photographs of Iloilo. For interested photography professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, please send me two of your BEST WORK as a lensman. Provide us with a title/ brief description of your work and a one-liner intro for you. Send your works through my email:


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