Pangodak #5: Lea Mae Prodigo

Oct 11, 2011 by


I have been seriously capturing portraits for a year now. I have this mindset that you can never be good enough for something. Thus you have to make an edge for yourself since the society has produced diversity of talented people. Brand yourself with a strong and powerful mind to survive.

What intrigues me most to pursue my passion is that there is a need for every individual to reveal innate creativity. One hurdle in life is when there is little time to practice your craft, which you once took for granted.

Iloilo City has honed potentials for fashion, art, and design. -   Lea Mae Prodigo is an 18-year old multi-talented BS Advertising student at Central Philippine University

Mystic eyes possessed her heart desires

Delicate colours harmonize beauty

*We are dedicating the entire week featuring Ilonggo photographers or photographs of Iloilo. For interested photography professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, please send me two of your BEST WORK as a lensman. Provide us with a title/ brief description of your work and a one-liner intro for you. Send your works through my email:


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