Pangodak #4: Dencio Natividad

Oct 11, 2011 by

Dencio Natividad’s passion for photography started from sheer fun: taking pictures of himself and his friends using a camera phone. He acquired his DSLR in May of 2010. It was a challenge using it at first because he has never studied photography. All he knew back then was to point-and-shoot.

Dencio believes that his camera brings out the artistic side in him. It allows him to look deeply on every image that he captures. Photography allows him to express himself and see what the naked eye cannot see.

Right now, Dencio is enjoying travel photography – specifically festivals. Although he is not an Ilonggo, his 6-month stay in Iloilo gave him an opportunity to discover the beauty of the Philippines, the place itself and the people. He wants to share that beauty through his photos.

Dencio also wants to learn conceptual and fashion photography. Niccolo Cosme’s works and his dedication to this particular aspect are Dencio’s inspiration. Dencio is planning to attend formal studies and workshops in photography to learn further. For now, he will continue shooting and showing the world what his eyes can see.

With A Smile - The Colors of Dinagyang.

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*We are dedicating the entire week featuring Ilonggo photographers or photographs of Iloilo. For interested photography professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, please send me two of your BEST WORK as a lensman. Provide us with a title/ brief description of your work and a one-liner intro for you. Send your works through my email:

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