Pangodak #13: Maxime Fortin

Oct 14, 2011 by


Maxime Fortin is a native of Quebec, the French part of Canada. He came to Iloilo with only a list of places to go in town which he downloaded online. He explains:

I’ve been constantly traveling to countries outside of my own to discover various cultures—bearing witness to what is unique as well as universal among all humankind.

Majorly portraits, my photographs reflect images of what I believe to be eccentric, familiar, hopeful, painful, joyous and most of all beautiful. I’m trying to capture photographs that are neither poetic nor imaginative but are true depictions of the realities of life.

It would be great if you could click on his site and see more of Maxime’s works: Maxime Fortin’s Page.

*We are dedicating the entire week featuring Ilonggo photographers or photographs of Iloilo. For interested photography professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, please send me two of your BEST WORK as a lensman. Provide us with a title/ brief description of your work and a one-liner intro for you. Send your works through my email:


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