Pang-aasar lamang, walang pikunan.

Jul 16, 2011 by

Presenting, the universities in the country!

1. UP – University of the Philippines

2. PNU - Para Ngang UP

3. UST – UP Sana Tayo

4. ADMU - Ayaw Daw Mag UP

5. DLSU – Di Lumusot Sa UPCAT

6. FEU – Failed to Enter UP

7. MAPUA – Meron Akong Panaginip: UP Ako…

8. SLU – Sana Lang UP

9. CEU – Cannot Enter UP

10. St. PAUL – Sana Talaga Pumasa Ako sa UPCAT, Lord…

11. PUP – Pekeng UP

**Heheehe…this is a salbahe text coming from UP die hard people. Dont take it seriously, ok? It’s just our way of saying, hello, we know you too! HAHAHAH!.

Winter over the oblation

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  1. FG


  2. tintin

    hahaha. funny kaayo :D

  3. shara

    luv it! pa grab ha!

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