Pandesal Falling from the Sky

Oct 31, 2012 by

This new James Bond installment is quite a fresh take on the Bond movie that we all have grown accustomed to. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here, but let me assure you that Skyfall has all the expected essentials a Bond movie must have while veering away from what seemed to be most usual. Watch it as a halloween movie treat and enjoy the chases, the cars, the girls, Adele, the hilarious stunts, the evil portrayal of Javier Bardem (super good acting!), the exceptionally toned Craig, and everything British. I was half-expecting to see the Queen herself and am glad she didn’t. Skyfall I predict would do the opposite in terms of box-office direction, so yeah, do your part.

Skyfall movie - My Iloilo

On the other hand, I have decided to let go of my Boracay plans for this year’s halloween. I was told that if one desires something so dearly, one must give up a routine as some sort of a sacrifice. So I have to shelf the promise of island revelry in exchange for something that might just be life-changing. I am praying that everything will turn out just fine and I promise I’ll fill you in on this when the time comes.


This semestral break has been quite different from my usual mid-year breaks. I have devoted my time on gym training with a mad passion in getting back my long-overdue pandesal. I wake up at 5.30 in the morning and hit the gym at exactly 6. My personal trainer, Paul, maintains a ‘love-hate’ relationship with me. Everytime we talk about the possibility of me taking over the porn industry, then it is with such love that we

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simmer in illusions such as those. But when he starts screaming at me to finish the reps and sets, I swear I can have him killed.

Bobby Rodriguez - My Iloilo

This. Soon. Watch. Out. For. It.

I have also been catching up on my reading. I feel so totally recharged with my much-needed literature.

I’ve spent a good amount of time at home unlike the past semestral breaks, which is really an achievement.

I’ve been saving some money for my new investments (specifically stocks, bonds, life and yes, memorial — hahaha!).


For all it’s worth, I have also been dealing with a lot of nuisance in a really nice way these past few days.

And because it’s my student JR Garcia writing A Beautiful Affair on primetime TV, I have resolved to tucking myself in in time for the show and dozing off soon after.

By 5.30 AM, I resume my love-hate relationship with Paul.

All for the goddamn pandesal.



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