Our word for the week is LINOG.

Feb 9, 2012 by

LINOG is a Hiligaynon word which means Earthquake. This is one word that seems to me as extremely appropriate. When you utter the word LINOG (resonate the “g”┬áin the end, so as to sound LINOGGGGGG), it creates a sense of boom and to a certain extent, some shaking. Thus the fear of the word for practical use.

Lately however, our region together with Negros Occidental and Cebu were shaken by a relatively strong earthquake caused by an unknown fault between the islands of Negros and Cebu, with an intensity so strong it reached the island of Panay where Iloilo City is located in. The word has become part of routine conversations and stories around town. The earthquake struck last Monday at around 11:48 AM. According to testimonials, the shaking was very strong it sent everyone inside the mall running towards the exit doors. One of my students claimed they stayed put inside the fastfood and collected all the french fries abandoned by panic-stricken customers. Touche.

You know what’s even more interesting? While everyone yakked about their terror about the earthquake, I was peacefully riding the cab in the middle of the road. I have no first-hand story to share. What the.

It is during these times of natural phenomena that we are reminded how freaking small we are in this vaaast universe. We are powerless and diminutive — and it doesn’t matter how many quadrillions Corona has horded because hey, one big shaking afternoon can send us all in a frenzy like headless chickens. I am amazed at how our earth releases its energies because personally, I think it awakens people. It makes people realize some things, if not change them entirely. I wish that while the aftershocks continue to bring us into a dizzy daisy, we also get to think about things beyond existentialism. Things that have something to do about our place in the cosmos and our souls and the invisible stuff.

I like these things. They don’t require explanations. Only faith.

My Iloilo is turning one in two days. Indeed the planets have aligned to shake us up a bit just in time for our first year anniversary.

Happy First Year Anniversary, MYILOILO.NET!

Earthquake in Iloilo city 2012

After the initial jolt of a 6.9 earthquake, people ran towards the middle of the street in panic. (Photo courtesy of http://www.panaynewsphilippines.com/)


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