One Step Closer to Domination

Oct 8, 2011 by

We owe this little piece of success to you, our dear readers of

Thank you very much for making us a part of your virtual routine. MYILOILO.NET has been gaining momentum in rankings due to the visits, hits, bounce rates, visitor loyalty, etc. All these are attributed to your appreciation to what we have been publishing on the site. Again, maraming salamat po.

As our way of thanking you, we will be holding an online photo competition starting next week with attractive prizes to look forward to. Details and mechanics of the competition will be published soon, so get your cameras ready, or better yet, try reviewing your photo library for possible entries that are just stored in your hard drives. We in are super excited for this! And we’re not even celebrating our first year birthday yet! Imagine the fanfare when that happens in February 2012!

Once again, thank you and please keep visiting You can bookmark us to save you the hassle of typing. Cheers!

Our traffic summary is competitively high, so to those who would like to advertise in, drop us a message! We got plenty of readers!

Visitors overview. Fabuloushhh.

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  1. FG

    Congratulations!!! Keep it coming :-)

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