One Last Time

Dec 5, 2011 by

Tonight it feels as if we never said goodbye.

After having worked with my Gleeorious family for more than 5 months, I’m sure you’d understand if I’ll sound extremely mushy and sentimental in this blog.

I wish this is never going to end.

I am not demonstrative about my emotions especially towards people who are obviously more emotional than I am, so I guess my ordeal is even more difficult. I kind of lack a vent-out-entity. So it’s all just within — the sadness of parting.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I will miss my Gleeorious family so much and more than anything (like what I said in one of our company call prayers earlier), more than the applause, more than the criticisms, more than the rush of excitement for every beginning of a show, it’s the friendship that we have developed on and off-stage. And I thank God for this, more than anything. If I will have the chance to go back in time to do it again, I will.

Please pass me that tissue.

Our finale performance on Dec 10, 6 PM is an absolute treat to everyone who's coming to watch the show. It will involve new characters, unfold a twist in its plot, with new songs and dances to be performed. It's going to be worth coming back. See you at the theater! is still accepting entries for MEET THE CAST OF GLEEORIOUS promo. Just leave your number and full name on the comments field (it will not be published). You will receive a text message with a CODE that will serve as your raffle entry. We will announce the winner after the grand finale curtain call and you get to party with the cast at Rooftop Brewery on the evening of December 10 so you can have a close encounter with the talented cast of Gleeorious!



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  1. If Gleeorious came into being, even before Kevin and I talked about it, the inspiration came from Bob and from Gerard, my two devils’ advocates who proved to be inspiring angels to the rest of the team.
    Thank you, Bob, for infecting me with your dream of resuscitating the musical stage in Iloilo. We proved ourselves worthy of the calling.
    The biggest. The longest-running. The most successful. What more can we ask? Perhaps, the Best?
    I am sure that you and the entire Gleeorious team will add this final title next week as everyone gives their all in the Grandest Finale ever.
    To a great actor, a fantastic choreographer and an all-around performer; To a wonderful friend and a beautiful human being, congratulations!

    • admin

      Thank you very much, Sir Jobert! You have touched thousands of lives through this production and for that, we are forever grateful. Here’s to more prods! =))

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