Of rainbows and summer and happy days.

Jun 28, 2015 by

As Barbra is my subconscious, we all say “happy days are here again… the skies above are clear again..” I’ve had enough dark days and for all its worth, I did spend a good amount of brain neurons bothering about my detractors. But all bad things do come to an end and after the storm, we have to pull out the carpet, sprinkle the garden with silver dust and celebrate. There are quite a number of reasons, really.

1. Gay marriage in all 50 states in the US is now legal and binding. Since this seems to be the cool thing, who knows. Our own state-makers might just pull off the same stint in their attempt to be likeable.

2.  Summer begins for UP people. It means self-recharging. Which is good.

3. Mom is home and we get to go around and have fun like the old times and I’m not so busy to neglect her travel requests.

4. More quality time with friends and more travel time with friends — old and new.

5. More projects (events, hosting) and more blessings.

Don’t rain on my parade, says Barbra. It’s been a crazy ride. This past year. With my odd circumstances I have known my real friends and I am extremely grateful for the choices I have made. I have become a better person and a really strong one. Great things up ahead of me and I can’t wait for some major changes that will definitely provide a stage for my whole new self. I will not forgive my detractors (because I am not God), but I shall continue to do what I do best. And that is to annoy them.


Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m still here. 

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