Of Mayans and Janine and Manny and the RH Bill.

Dec 26, 2012 by

I’ve been holding myself restrained in coming up with a mouthful of stuff that had to do with the End of the World, the Miss Universe, Manny Pacquiao’s knockout and ultimately, the RH Bill. Then I started looking up for articles about it and holy cow were they a lot! So I chose the one that best represents my own thought and where else do I have to go to but Jessica Zafra.

She says it the way it should be said.

Has the passage of the bill been connected to the results of the Miss Universe beauty pageant? The first runner-up finish of Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Janine Tugonon was the main topic of conversation in the taxi queue. Everyone in line agreed that Miss Philippines should have won, not only because she was the most beautiful finalist but also because she had nailed the Q&A. She was, they added, superior in all respects to the candidate who won the title—a sentiment echoed by various politicians, ever eager to be mentioned in the media in any context.

If Miss Philippines never made it beyond “Thank you, girls”, this would not be an issue. If she had placed fourth or fifth, everyone would be pleased. But she had gotten within a hair of winning the Miss Universe crown, and that really stings. Mas masakit yung ‘muntik na’ kaysa sa ‘wala namang pag-asa’. “At least Miss Mexico wasn’t even in the finals,” somebody sniped, thus connecting the Miss Universe results to the outcome of the Pacquiao-Marquez match. This is Pinoy logic, which operates according to its own rules. “Maybe Miss Universe will get knocked up and be unable to fulfill her obligations, and the first runner-up will have to take over!” someone added.

Read Jessica’s full article on InterAksyon.com

Miss Universe 1st Runner Up, Janine Tugonon during the evening gown competition. (photo fromhttp://sallylyngestrella.blogspot.com)

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