Not to miss Les Miz.

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For the longest time, Kevin and I have been talking about the possibilities of staging at least one MacKintosh-produced musical before the world ends. After Miss Saigon was sacked due to the sensitivity of the material (and it being supposedly produced by a Catholic school), the idea of drafting a mainstream musical was limited to Disney stuff or — doing an adaptation (Gleeorious, for example).

But after the success of the film version of Les Miserables (directed by Tom Hooper of The King”s Speech fame), we were kind of jolted and itching to explore the possibilities of doing a local version of this popular favorite. The film allowed the majority of the people to know all about Les Miz; something that only the artistically adept had the chance of appreciating years ago.

So we”re holding auditions this coming April 10th. This is purely exploratory: meaning we don”t know if the applicants would fit the bill. This was the major concern of Kevin (being the director) when I first dropped the idea for him to do Les Miz. He was not sure about the available Har hittar du realistiskt renderade klassiker som Roulett, Tarning och blackjack strategy , liksom hundratalet suverant animerade och fantasifulla slots. talents around town. Or if there is enough. When the film version became a sure-hit success and a lot of our students actually talked about it in real life and in the virtual platform as well, we felt we should give it a try. At least in the “search” for who can play what. Otherwise known as the auditions.

So we are hoping that come April 10th, Ilonggo talents would flock to the Little Theater and give themselves a shot at the auditions. Who knows, you might just have what it takes to be Valjean, or Fantine, or Javert or Eponine.

Looking forward to the convention of amazing talents very soon!

les mis final audition dates

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