MYILOILO says THANK YOU for making us BIG

Dec 2, 2011 by

This is our way of thanking our readers. Myiloilo has soared high in readership and influence not only in Iloilo but in the Philippines and beyond. For that, thank you. And since the Christmas spirit is sucking up our budget (thanks to all the jingle music and all glittery red stuff), we have thought of giving away one Starbucks 2012 Planner to our lucky myiloilo reader. The mechanics are simple:

1. Send a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper that says: I LOVE MYILOILO.NET and email it to us at

2. Deadline of submission of entry is on December 13, Tuesday at 12 midnight.

3. The one with the most creative concept for the photo will be judged winner by MYILOILO team. will continue to bring you entertainment and information as well as to serve as an avenue for all Ilonggos to connect in sharing the unique Ilonggo ways you cannot find anywhere in the world.

Send your photos now and tell us why you are hooked on

(Notice how cordial this invitation is. I’m not in the mood to be mean, so I’m feeling generous and kind today. Take advantage of it.)

This is just a sample, but I encourage you to make yours even more exciting because once it's published it's forever and when people google your name it will be the first thing that will pop out. You wouldn't want people to go eeky with your shot, so send us your best. Don't forget that piece of paper.

I'm giving out this lovely one to a lucky, lucky reader! Yudee! It's completely sealed and brand new.

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