Myiloilo.Net turns 1!

Jan 18, 2012 by

It was on January 22nd of 2011 when first went online. My first article was recycled from my facebook notes application. My manager, Yen, succeeded in nagging me to put together some of my most interesting notes from facebook and she would create a page for me — originally intended to provide Ilonggo net readers a fresh take on things: spontaneous, annoying, sensible, and a bit eclectic. It was really me she was referring to. So I saw the possibility of making it in the cyber-world, thus the birth of

The first article published was entitled “Women Drivers with Control Issues Annoy Me” did not make a hit in the blogging world. In fact, it had a grand total of 1 LIKE. It was not heartbreaking because hey, someone out there noticed. is turning 1 year old and we will not let this happen without a bang. We will go viral and we will make you happy. We are brewing promotions with nice little prizes you will all look forward to and we hope you don’t get tired of coming back and visiting our site.

As soon as the Dinagyang fever subsides, will publish a series of promos for the enjoyment of our readers. We owe our little success to you because come to think of it, we’re still here! For that, we will give back in our small little ways. turns one. Watch out for the promos and celebrate with us this coming Dinagyang!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! :)

  2. Ivo

    sweet! happy anniversary bob!

    • Bobby

      Thanks Ivo! Will come up with a foodies’ list in the next few weeks. Will ask true-blue Ilonggos to help me out fill the list! Thanks much! =)

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