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May 12, 2011 by

Some of the things we consider boring nowadays used to be a productive thing in the past. The quiet, lethargic moments used to be a very important element in the makings of great artists, thinkers, visionaries, and future dictators. These days, to sit still for three minutes and stare out in blankness is considered insane. People actually sit these days so they can facebook. Or tinker with their phones. Or take pictures of themselves, then upload.

Being here in Bacolod is quite a therapy for me. I am guilty of new age compulsion and instant gratification (though I’ve always been an ADHD ever since, it has gotten worse). Here, I sit still. I wait. I bite my nails. I stare at people. I listen to footsteps. I sleep early. I turn on my hamburger speakers and play Charice on iPod. I eat in carenderia. I use my laptop’s camera to take a photo of myself. Geez, the therapy is taking a long time to work.

Yesterday, I watched THOR on 3D. Natalie Portman is such a bum in the film — though I think she agreed to do the film because she gets to kiss Chris Hemsworth. The production design is fabulous and rightfully grand. Here, the ‘special agents’ who seized Dr Jane Foster’s equipment are portrayed comically they reminded me of Agent Smith of The Matrix. Anthony Hopkins does a great job as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as the evil brother played his part with very good juice. My favorite character in the movie (the unforgettable one next to Chris himself) is Darcy Lewis, portrayed by Kat Dennings. Her sense of humor is wicked it cracked me up.Watch Thor not for anything but for Chris Hemsworth’s steroid outputs, Natalie Portman’s silly role, and the cutest smile taken for facebook while they were at a diners eating breakfast.

Today, I’m planning to watch PRIEST (also on 3D). The trailer looks promising, so I will write about it soon after.

Last night, my friend Atty Manuel Magbanua and I went to a new restobar at Lopue’s Mandalagan called 11 Degrees. The area is being developed as a new commercial district where bars and restaurants align in one strip for partygoers. It was a nice evening with good weather to boot. By weekend, the place gets crowded so I will check it out again.

Meantime, let me sleep first. I need to continue my therapy of doing nothing. Laptop off.

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  1. Diane

    A self-diagnosed ADHD-ic…. yes, this is good therapy for self-diagnosed ADHD-ics …like US ;) hehehe. ;)

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