Performance Schedule for GLEEORIOUS and Rehearsal Photos

Sep 15, 2011 by

Whistling it up with Sue Sylvester (played by Babbeth Vargas) and myself as Will Schuster.

First of all, I would like to apologize if there are changes in my performance schedule and I have only made it public just now. We were given the final showdates only a couple of days ago and I had to arrange it with my alternate, Jesse Penacerrada, the schedules that would also be favorable for him. One of the reasons for the changes also was the confirmation of blocked showdates purchased by our patrons. Apologies for the inconvenience. We hope to still see you at the theater — and no matter who performs, whether me or Jessie, the show is still fab fab fab.

My performance dates:

Sept 16 – 6 PM (Gala Premiere)

Sept 24 – 10 AM , 2 PM

Oct 1 – 2 PM (Jessie at 10 AM)

Oct 8 – 2 PM (Jessie at 6 PM)

Oct 15 – Jessie will do both shows at 10 AM and 2 PM

Oct 22 – 10 AM (Jessie at 2 PM)

Nov 5 – 10 AM (Jessie at 2 PM)

Nov 12 – Jessie will perform at 2 PM

Nov 19 – 2 PM & 5:30 PM

Dec 3 – Jessie will do both shows at 2 PM and 6 PM

Dec 10 – 10 AM (Jessie at 2 PM)

Here are some tech rehearsal photos (Thanks to Francis Gerard Habana and Carol Hondonero for the photos):

L-R: Patricia Mae Depakakibo (as Santana), Maxine Marie Sentina (as Quinn) and Madox Llaguno (as Artie)

Iveca Cale Ignacio (as Tina) and KR Quinon (as Mike)

Madox (Artie), Frank Gamino (as Scott), Iveca (as Tina), KR (as Mike), Daphne Jontarciego (as Mercedes) and Brian Vargas (as Kurt)

Jesse Peñacerrada (my alternate for Will Schuster) and Faith Pinedes (as Rachel Berry)

Joan Jaranilla (as Brittany), Max (as Quinn), Pat (as Santana) and Babbeth Vargas (as Sue)


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  1. rebs

    Nice, nice, nice! Hope I can watch.

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