Multisport Iloilo Tri Team goes to Sipalay City

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We were a bunch of excited kids embarking on a long road trip to Sipalay City, Negros Occidental for the Century Tuna National Age Group Olympic Triathlon Sipalay City (1.5 km Open Sea Swim – 40km Bike – 10km Run). I joined the ride not to compete with the team but merely to document the event using my ultra-reliable phone camera as well as to provide the guys some humor in case competition-tension creeps in. Fortunately, I was surrounded by an extremely happy group of people who enjoyed every bit of our adventure and misadventures.

Team Iloilo tri-athletes load up their bikes into our van upon arrival in Bacolod City.

The group stops by Starbucks for a quick caffeine fix: Dr Tetchie Layson, Kevin Piamonte, Gus Banusing and Paul Yap

A looong way from home (Sipalay City is 3.5 hrs away from Bacolod).


When we arrived in Sipalay City (our initial thought was, "this is a peculiarly small city"), we checked out the event area. Here's what we saw.

We were starving when we arrived, so we looked around for some food nooks and found this quaint carenderia. Liver with hard boiled egg was a weird combination, but what the heck. We were hungry. In this photo, our driver Christian joins us.

We stayed at the Sipalay Suites. The room was fairly spacious and the restaurant offered a nice pool and beach views, as well as decent dishes for non-fancy meals.

The looties for the athletes. A color-coded swimming cap, the race bib, the shirt, and a brochure about Negros.

The athletes of Multisport Iloilo: (seated) Paul Yap and Antoinette Nunez, (standing) JP Lao, Black Jack, Paul Albert Jabian, Meir Escultero, Dra Tetchie Layson, Kevin Pison Piamonte and Gus Palmares Banusing

Body marking before the race starts.


The super cute top finishers for the Junior Tri Category

Pre-race montage: warm ups, briefing, etc.

Team Iloilo getting ready for the race!

The sprint division went for the first wave.

Waiting for the turns are the relay and individual categories.


Paul Yap departing for the run round.

Kevin Piamonte coursing through the loops to complete the 10k run. While it is part of the race that athletes keep track of their loops, the heat caught up with Kevin and ended up uncertain whether he has completed all four loops. He decided to run another loop just to make sure he doesn't end up disqualified. It was all good. Despite his excess loop, he was still able to beat several runners behind.

Kevin Piamonte reaches the finish line!

Another finish line conqueror, Gus Banusing!


Chariots of Fire: Kevin Piamonte, Paul Yap, Meir Escultero, Paul Jabian and Gus Banusing

Special Mention to Paul Albert Jabian for winning the 3rd place in his Age Group. Meir Escultero for Winning 3rd in his Age Group and of course, Antonette Nuñez as the OVERALL CHAMPION in Women’s Category. ILOILO CITY and is truly proud of you!

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  1. Jethro Talledo

    Excellent. Just like being there. Nice pictures.
    Congrats to all Sipalay Triathlon Conquerors.

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