Mothers Rule the Universe

May 8, 2011 by

If we come to think of it, God must be a woman. The description we know of God is someone compassionate, caring, nurturing, affectionate, extremely forgiving. Qualities that are dominantly found and felt among women, particularly mothers. If indeed God is a woman and we need to put a face to God, we don’t have to look further. The face can be found in the deepest recesses of our consciousness; perhaps the earliest and the clearest face of them all. Our mothers.

My mother is a 55-year old nurse who works for the Arab Royalty, Sheik Mohammad Al Maktoum of Dubai. She is the nurse of the Sheik’s daughter, Latifa. Now, my mom has moved to a new palace in Fujairah (another emirate in the United Arab Emirates) after Latifa married. She’s been working for the royal family for 13 years now. She comes home once every year, mostly during Christmases and/or on special occasions. So you can say we have lived most of our lives apart. This is good drama element if my purpose is to pitch a story for Star Cinema. But ours was not an entirely sad story. In fact ours is a bit of a good one. Mom, however distant, checks on us like any nagging moms in the world. She’s tech-savvy, so she lurks on our facebook accounts quite well and demands explanations when necessary and sometimes reprimands us when she suspects misbehavior. Often, she is right.

My mother is named after her own mother (my lola), Clotilde. A name taken from a saint of Burgundy known for her almsgiving and penitence. Of the 9 siblings, my mom is the most beautiful. My aunts and uncles agree to that. For us, her children, she is divine. She is funny and until now she still cracks me up. But when she’s furious, she’s furious with passion. She used corporal punishment (a Spanish style, really) and I suffered a good amount of whipping. I thank her for that. Imagine what could have happened if I was not punished early on.

What I really love about my mom is her generosity, her being forgiving (but not forgetful), her genuine love for people around her and her willingness to get out of her way to help and assist those who need her. She told me stories of her time, she taught me lessons about life and what to do when I feel helpless. She taught me independence. She taught me the value of gratitude.

And for that, I thank you mom for being a mother to us. I learned about love through your words, your lullabies, your embrace. What it all means to me: THE UNIVERSE.

HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to my mom and to all the mothers out there.

My mom then (a photo from her nursing school, Corazon Locsin Memorial Hospital in Bacolod City)

My mom now. So you can see where I got this looks from.

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  1. FG

    aw, what a nice piece! happy mother’s day to your mom! :)

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