Miss, Pabili ng Tulog.

Jan 29, 2011 by

If only sleep can be purchased. Well, I kinda just did. I had to pay a hotel room in Bacolod City just to get a good sleep. At least during the day. I was lucky to have been given a 30% discount on the account that my looks can serve as advertisement. And I’m not kidding. So now, I lock myself up in the comforts of a nice Bacolod hotel, with nice Bacolod aircon, and nice Bacolod wi-fi. It’s so Bacolod, my weekend.

I notice on several billboards in the city these tarpaulins of Nursing Review Centers are photos of the supposed reviewers. I’m not sure if that’s how they package themselves because it seems the people on the billboards look overtly made up. Thickly gelled hair, thickly applied foundation, thick lipstick, edgy clothes. Is it supposed to show that if you enlist at their review center and pass the boards you will afford yourself of such image? Coz if it is, then I should campaign against people wanting to become nurses, because honestly, the image is disgusting.

Sleep is expensive. I better take advantage of it.

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