Miagao celebrates Salakayan 2012

Feb 11, 2012 by

Fresh from their most recent victory as the grand champion in the Kasadyahan Dance Competition for Dinagyang 2012, Miagao is set to bring their festival into the forefront with the upcoming Salakayan Festival 2012. It has been my honor to collaborate with the municipality for the past few years during this season of the year. Salakayan is the story of how Miagaoanons triumphed over the Moros’ attempt to take over the town during the earlier period of Spanish Colonization. This story is annually depicted through a live performance by the shores of Miagao to remind the people of today (both locals and visitors) about their history.

This year,  the municipality (together with the artists from UP Visayas: Prof Roman Sanares, Prof Maebelle Guillergan, Mr Ruperto Quitag, Mr Emmanuel Lerona, Prof Jonathan Jurilla and yours truly) have collaborated to introduce a fresh take on Salakayan. The re-enactment will be brought to the stage of Miagao Cultural Hall using film and live performance, combined. This fusion was inspired by the earlier work of Prof. Kevin Piamonte in the Sagrado production of Juanita Cruz which broke new grounds in mixed media in theater. The Salakayan Story will feature performers led by the UPV Hublag Dance Company (both in film and live performance), a select group of students fro m UPV Miagao and the Kaunlaran Learning Center (KLC) High School students.

We have finished shooting the film aspect of the production and are now in the process of editing. Choreography is also being polished and all the other elements are coming into play. Excited, really. Hope you could come and watch the show on February 10th at 3 PM and 6 PM. After watching the show, a wide array of food stalls await your gastronomic desires at the public plaza food festival.

Here are some photos taken during the shoot of SALAKAYAN ON SCREEN, ON STAGE.

Two of the members of UPV Hublag Dance Company, Kent and Rachel (with a student fro m KLC) waiting for the take.

Take 4!


Hershe Pausa (of UPV Hublag Dance Company) looking Amorsolo-esque in this shot.


The beautiful landscape of Miagao, Iloilo. (Other than the UNESCO World Heritage Church, there are so many things to see in MIagao!)

The hanging bridge in Brgy Cagbang, Miagao.

Looks foreign, yes? It's in Miagao.


Bridge or no bridge, let's cross the river when we get there.

Film Director Maebelle Guillergan-Schot directing the two actors playing as priests, Norman (L) and a student fro m KLC.

The beach scene where the Moros attacked.

Hope to see you at the show! And yes, we’re days to go before myiloilo.net‘s FIRST BIRTHDAY!

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  1. kat

    Where in miag ao is it?? The lake with pebbles

    • bobby

      Hi Kat! Actually I forgot the exact name of the Barangay, but that’s where they have pottery farms. It’s way uphill after Brgy Indag-an after UPV. :) The pebbles are actually on the ricer bedside, not a lake. :)

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