Megan Renee turns 3

May 5, 2011 by

This Sunday, May 9th, my niece Megan Renee is turning 3. Whenever we go to a mall or park or some public place full of snotty people, they always assume Megan is my daughter — a mistake I fully accept. I’m more like a dad to Megan than an uncle. So for Megan’s 3rd birthday, we have thought of celebrating it by the beach (not in Boracay, just some nice little piece of shoreline found in our town). My sister plans on inviting a few of her close friends and our relatives. Kiddie birthdays are not really about them. It’s about the adults. While we spend a lot for these silly parties, the kids grow up looking at some of their baby photos asking, ‘Who the heck is this person at my party?’

Megan Renee in her good mood.

For Megan’s party, we will have simple meals, like barbecued stuff, seafood and lots of rice. Most of my relatives can survive on just rice, so there’s no point serving anything fancy because you will get criticized for life for not serving unlimited rice. There will be games for kids and most of all, we will make them swim late in the afternoon with sunblock on. I want the party to be fun and not fancy.

Megan Renee in her really bad mood.

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