Masskara Festival Lights Up Bacolod City.

Oct 12, 2012 by

Bacolod Masskara

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade (the real stuff!) — photo courtesy of

If you haven’t known that I was actually born in Bacolod and spent a big part of my childhood there, then you haven’t been much of my admirer. LOL. I am a Rodriguez from a town in Negros Occidental called Pulupandan. So yeah, there’s no escaping the label that I am a Negrense halfling.

Every month of October, Bacolod City roars in sounds and lights up the sights. The city transforms into one big party place that defies conventions — including that stupid CyberCrime Prevention Act. Both locals and tourists walk the stretch of Lacson Street and revel at the corner parties organized by different groups, the maze of colors dressing up the streets, the smell of delectable barbecues, and yes, the overflowing BEERS every-freaking-where!!! People party like nuts and unlike some decades ago, safety is assured among the tourists who are there simply to let go, to undress, to get soaked, to feel free.

MASSKARA can change the way you look at street partying like no other street parties in your life before (save for Folsom fair in SF! LOL!). It’s simply the best party-city there is in the Philippines.

This year’s theme is Life is Good in Bacolod. Indeed, the event organizers — with Eli Tajanlangit as this year’s event director — promise a tub-thumping week (or weeks) of events for those who come to jiggle-wiggle to samba and brazilian rock dance ablaze the streets of Bacolod. Fiery is definitely apt to put this celebration in a word.

I must warn you, though, that getting a decent hotel at this time is next to impossible, so if this year doesn’t happen for you due to fully booked hotels, you can always schedule your year ahead for the next Masskara. But for the more adventurous souls, be creative in getting a space for at least a weekend or better yet, make friends with Bacolenos who have can offer you a couch. Hehehe.

See you in Bacolod, party people!

Festival Highlights will be on October 19th – 21st. For more detailed schedule of activities, please visit Masskara Festival Official Website here.

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  1. charmie

    See you around Sir Bob, you Bacolod halfling! :D

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