Manila can be kind. Sometimes.

Mar 8, 2011 by

In my recent trip to Manila, I was surprised to know that some cabs have not adhered to the new meter rates authorized by the Land Transportation Office. Not that I like the new rate (which flags down to P40.00 and P3.50 every 3 meters), but I have started adapting to the nasty cab costs in Iloilo. In Iloilo, the cabbies were so damn excited about the new rate they actually give you exact change these days. I don’t think the rates will ever be lowered any time soon (nor will be lowered at all, I think) so I have no choice but just deal with the crap.

The 40 pesos flagdown rates in Iloilo

In Manila, I also had very minimal stress level on traffic density, which was quite unusual compared to my previous Manila trips where it felt like going to a battle each time I decide to transport myself. It was also my first time that I WAS NEVER REFUSED SERVICE by any cab regardless of my destination. My soft spot for Manila was reactivated and I felt like I was back in the kalesa days again. Or the days of black and white photos riding the really vintage kiddie machines at Fiesta Carnival. Or the afternoon chill session at the Manila Bay breakwater eating cotton candies with my cousins from Antipolo. Those were the days that I haveĀ  forgotten for quite some time because, admit it, most Manila people turned into monsters. So this unusually trouble-free weekend (trouble with cab drivers, nasty pedestrians, aggressive clubbers, restaurants that don’t serve diet sodas) in Manila was something I would definitely remember.

And while the weather in Manila was on our favor during this most recent trip, coming home to Iloilo with this sweltering heat is just too much to handle.

**PS: I watched WHO’S THAT GIRL at Resorts World Cinema. Go watch it too. Good fun, though a bit predictable (and Luis Manzano is the kind of guy I hate seeing on the big screen because he is too glossed up and his complexion is anti-Boracay), Eugene Domingo nails the punchlines and there are surprise stars that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing.

Watched WHO'S THAT GIRL at Newport Cinemas Resorts World. Nice.

Flying back home to Iloilo with an old friend, Aman. Delayed flight for one hour.


  1. RJ

    When was this trip to MNL? :) Nice blog!

    • bobby

      Thanks RJ! =) Sometime in March. But as of this writing, I am — again — in manila. Hehe. thanks for visiting!

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